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Veteran homeschoolers are the first to tell you that libraries hold a wealth of resources. While everyone is familiar with the perk of borrowing books at no cost, libraries offer so much more, especially for homeschooling families. Be sure to check with your library to see which of these perks are available so you can make the most of your library.

Library Cards for Everyone
Although there is much to enjoy about a library without a card, to make the most out of your library, you will want to make sure each of your children has a library card. Library cards are not only a great way to instill a sense of responsibility on your young reader, but they also unlock resources unavailable without one.

Deals and Discounts
Though you won’t find this everywhere, some libraries partner with businesses in the community to get special incentives for library card holders. Ask if your library has any reciprocity agreements with local businesses. You may even be able to get free tickets to shows or discounts at certain establishments.

Your Librarian
Despite the silly stereotype, librarians are nothing like the grouchy cartoon ladies waiting for the chance to shush someone. The men and women who become librarians are passionate about reading and are often trained in reader’s advisory, equipping them with tools to recommend books based on your interests and reading level.

Special Events
Libraries love to host events to get the public excited about reading and learning. Through these special events, you might get the chance to hear a lecture from a beloved author or see a demonstration from someone on topics like astronomy or marine biology that could fascinate your child. Check your library’s event calendar for fun activities for kids (and adults) that are often free to the public.

With all these gadgets at our fingertips, we can now take advantage of even more resources made available through the library. Your library likely has a number of audiobooks and eBooks that can be “checked out” without ever leaving your home. Electronic tablets may also be available to borrow.

Learning Space
With the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling, it is no mystery that libraries make a great field trip. Whether you take your books and schoolwork with you or leave it all behind for a special day to enjoy the wonders of student-led learning, libraries are the perfect place where the love of learning is always encouraged.

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