God’s Not Dead Creators Release New Samson Film

The biblical account of the strongest man who ever lived is set to hit the big screen with the release of the film Samson by Pure Flix Productions.

Produced by the creators of God’s Not Dead and The Case for Christ, the film retells the rise, surrender, and ultimate victory of the Old Testament judge and his heroic feats, including killing a lion with his own hands and defeating an army of a thousand men with the jawbone of a donkey. Billy Zane, Golden Globe winner Rutger Hauer, Emmy winner Lindsay Wagner, and Jackson Rathbone star in the movie, alongside Taylor James in the title role of Samson.

According to a featurette from Pure Flix, the producers aimed to make the film as true to the nature of the Bible with a goal of reaching a broad audience.

“Most people know that Samson had long hair, Delilah cut it off, and that he lost his strength,” Director Bruce Macdonald said. “But there’s so much more. Samson was an unwilling hero, and his journey to regain his faith—the whole story—is [still] relevant.”

The producers also created a four-session discussion guide to dive deeper into how God used Samson to fulfill his mission.

“God does actually give us callings and he does use us regardless of our imperfections and our choices of rebellion against him,” Producer Brittany Yost said.

Samson opens in theaters on February 16, 2018, and is rated PG-13 for violence and battle sequences. Visit the movie’s official website for additional details.

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