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Did you know that Alpha Omega Publications® offers a helpful community where you can interact with other homeschoolers on a daily basis? With over 2,000 homeschool parents already on board, our official Facebook page networks like-minded people who are there to listen, share their support, and discuss their challenges, successes, and ideas as you homeschool your children.

From reading people's favorite Bible verses to seeing what lessons people have learned from homeschooling, AOP's official Facebook page is a great place for homeschool families to find fun and encouragement. Here's just one example of a recent post on our wall:

"I just have to let you know what an information machine my daughter has become in the last six weeks that we have been using your program. I am blown away by her hunger for knowledge and the joy she has in finding out about honey bees and Istanbul and speaking Australian."

AOP's official Facebook page is also a superb resource for homeschoolers. Just by using the Facebook page, one parent learned how to use Skype for a training webinar. In addition, the official page is a great place to find answers to questions about AOP's curriculum. Recently, someone new to homeschooling left a comment saying she was told that Switched-On Schoolhouse® was hard. We asked other SOS users to jump in and encourage her, and within minutes several other homeschoolers who use the software were giving her encouragement.

Join the discussion today and also take advantage of the ability to watch and post videos, view and post photos, and find out details about upcoming homeschool conventions on the events tab. Plus, you'll even get exclusive deals on AOP products and receive alerts containing easy ways to participate in giveaways!

So, as you get ready to start your next school year (or for those of you who are already going strong), be sure to add AOP's official Facebook page to your to-do list. Simply click the "like" button below or click "Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Division" below, login to your Facebook account, and click "like."

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BETH A 08/05/2010 04:44:26

Very encouraging info. especially starting with the 2 most important things to start homeschooling with. First: Prayer. Second: Be on the same page as husband and wife in regards to homeschooling.

LINDA C 08/05/2010 05:16:24

Prayer is the most important thing as well as thanking God for everything that come our way each and every day.....Praise God In All Things!!!

Have a blessed and spirit filled day!!!

NANCY S 08/05/2010 19:09:57

will someone please let me know where i can get transcript forms for our 8th grader and high schooler. we have been on every web site we can think of and nothing

CARL V 08/06/2010 13:47:11


I\'m not sure exactly what you\'re looking for, but here\'s one example of what a high school transcript could/should look like: http://donnayoung.org/f10/planner-f/hischl/tranx.htm.

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