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Start your homeschooling year right with Switched-On Schoolhouse® 2009 Edition from Alpha Omega Publications®! Featuring enriching multimedia, fun-filled games, and time-saving teaching tools, the computer-based SOS offers five core subjects and 30 electives with solid academic content for grades 3-12.

Learn from the Duggars
Ask the Duggar family about SOS's proven results. With 18 children, this well-known Christian family has discovered the winning combination of homeschooling and SOS! Automatic grading eliminates their need to check schoolwork late at night, and built-in lesson plans allow them to feel more organized and in control throughout the day.

SOS Awards
Leading the competition, SOS's superior educational content has won these prestigious homeschool awards:

    Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Curriculum Picks
    • Homeschooling Parent Stamp of Approval
    • The Old Schoolhouse Excellence in Education
    • 14 Interactive Learning Awards
    • 1st Place Software Reader Award
What others are saying:
"My daughter just started using SOS, and we both love it. It is so easy to use and does so much of the work I used to do like scheduling, organizing lessons, and grading. We plan to use SOS all the way through high school."
- Lisa V., Texas

"What an amazing program! After trying several curriculums, I decided to try Switched-On Schoolhouse. Well, I'm sold. My daughter loves it so much that she begs to do it seven days a week! The lessons are thorough, interesting, and enjoyable. We couldn't have asked for more!"
- Kristy B., South Carolina

See Switched-On Schoolhouse in action!
Like the Duggars, discover just how easy it is to homeschool with SOS! Take a tour with our SOS On-Demand Presentations. Pick a grade, select a subject, and click the "view" link to watch each demonstration.

Ready to head back to school with SOS?
To purchase any 5-subject set, individual subject, or SOS elective, simply call 800-622-3070 or enjoy the convenience of secure online shopping.

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Comments(5 comments)

JOSE R 07/30/2009 14:46:44

I love the auto grading and ease of lesson planning. This looks like a great curriculum.

I am considering using SOS this year for the children's 8th grade Language course and my 3rd grade math & Language. I have also been looking at new & used 2008 versions and new 2009.

Are there any differences between these two the years of publication/ versions 08 & 09?

Has anyone ever used a USED SOS??

Any problems with that???



RAYMOND L 08/05/2009 08:26:42

I have come across problems when the different programs are on the same computer. The course is only good for three years and then it is outdated on the computer. Call the company, they will give you advise on which is the latest edition you can run.

I hope this helps.

PAUL C 08/12/2009 04:18:42

Can anyone tell me how well their children tested at the end of a year of learning with SOS?

JENNIFER G 08/12/2009 06:55:44

My daughter, at the end of 4th grade this past spring, tested with the IOWA and scored above 7th grade and up to 10th grade on everything but writing where she scored a 5th grade. She is Dyslexic with a processing disorder, which is why we started homeschooling in the first place, and she did great!!

DEVONA W 08/20/2009 19:53:06

I have used the same sos disc for 4 children now. My son is using the same 7th grade discs my daughter used 6 yrs ago so i'm not sure what the above person means by the material being out dated after 3 yrs. I also used an older version of the sos program and it's material was the same as the recent version I am using.

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