Hen and Peck

"Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth" (Luke 15:10).

One of our homeschooling family's favorite springtime activities was visiting the local feed and seed store to see the new baby chickens and ducks. Every year the store converted several small aluminum water tanks into warm, cozy homes for these little creatures. My children never tired of watching their antics and especially enjoyed their baby peeping noises. As my young daughter leaned over the tank to pet their soft downy feathers, she looked at me with questioning eyes and said, "Mom, can I have one?"

Normally, I would have said "no," but this year I sensed the Lord leading in a different direction. Smiling, I said, "Yes, honey, you and your brother can pick one of the baby chicks to take home." My daughter's delight in my reply knew no bounds, and she and her brother set about choosing the perfect new little friend. Before we left the store that day, Hen and Peck were aptly named and adopted into our family.

New life is always a cause for rejoicing, especially when it's in the family of God. Whenever a person repents of his sin and receives new life in Christ, the Bible says the angels rejoice. Imagine thousands of excited angels shouting and praising the Lord for the new life that has just been recorded in the Book of Life (Revelation 20:15). What a glorious time that must be!

As a Christian homeschooling parent, you have the wonderful privilege and responsibility to lead your baby "chicks" to the Lord. Every Bible lesson, Scripture verse, and godly character trait you teach your child lead to the moment when they, too, are born again into God's family. When the Holy Spirit convicts your child and he prays, "Lord, forgive me; I'm a sinner," a new life in Christ begins. However, one question remains. Who will be rejoicing the most, you or the angels in heaven?

Father, thank You for the awesome responsibility and joy of teaching my children about Your forgiving love. Please, touch their hearts with the conviction of the Holy Spirit, so they too will experience the joy of a new life in You. In the saving name of Jesus, Amen.

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KANDEE P 04/26/2009 09:58:43

The Lord never ceases to amaze me!! My husband and I have been trying to decide if homeschooling is right for our 12 year old son. I just signed up last night to receive this devotional while checking information out to help us in our decision making process. Oh how the story in the devotional hit home...Just this year we had the same experience with the chicks as told in this devotional. This past Monday we took in 4 baby chicks and 2 baby ducks. My son has rejoiced everyday at the thought that after years of NO, NO and NO, that he finally got to bring some home. God's Timing is perfect!! Praise God!!!

TINA T 04/26/2009 13:49:29

"Every Bible lesson, Scripture verse, and godly character trait you teach your child leads to the moment when they, too, are born again into God's family. When the Holy Spirit convicts and your child prays, "Lord, forgive me. I'm a sinner," a new life in Christ begins. However, one question remains. Who will be rejoicing the most, you or the angels in heaven?" We had the privilege of rejoicing last October when our 6 yo son and 5 yo daughter accepted Jesus as their Savior! And this same picture entered my mind... were the angels are was I more overjoyed! Now we find the continuation of this concept... teaching and modeling the fruit of the Spirit and helping them to walk the talk! I'm enjoying the encouragement from these email devos! Thanks!

SUSAN M 04/26/2011 06:26:01

This is so true. As a mom who stays at home and homeschools one can start to feel the "I'm not winning the world" pity party ....but we are and we have the privilege of leading them to Jesus and then discipling them 24/7. We then have no greater joy than to hear that our children walk in truth. God is faithful and those seeds take root and grow as we have faith and sow. I used to think, with seven children, that the Lord allowed me to have one for each continent to go spread the gospel ...then I had an eighth! My two oldest sons are in college today with the goal of being ministry. Not that you have to be in ministry to minister but I'm blessed to know that their heart is serve God wherever He leads them.

GARNETT W 04/26/2011 07:01:02

This morning has been a tough morning! I have been asking myself "why do I do what I'm doing?" The reason: this is a calling! I am a mother of 8 children. I have been homeschooling for 20 years now (still not good @ it). I don't have t be good at it, I just do what the Lord has called me to do and the Lord handles the rest. I have a two sons called to preach. They streer preach and sing for the Glory of God!! I have a two sons that play musical instruments for the Glory of God ( Lord taught them that too) (no lessons). When we get out of the way and allow the Lord to work, He can do some amazing things. All my childre sing for the Lord! All I can say is I'm Blessed beyond all measure! BUT all I did was do what I was called to do, the Lord did the rest!!

BRENNA H 04/26/2011 11:21:19

Amen, Sister. I am not always fond of my calling, but God is fond of me answering. I pray a lot and am happy to have my girls always with me. I am glad they can grow in their education. I know that I am where I am supposed to be even if I do not always love my job. My husband, girls and I love each other and the Lord and the rest will fall into place. We serve an AWESOME GOD, ladies. Peace and prayers, Brenna

DAPHNEY R 04/26/2011 13:20:57

thank you Garnett for your posting. I needed to hear that as this year has been stressful with a teen daughter who is sure that she is missing out on something by being homeschooled and really resents it. However, the Lord hasn't released me from that task. In fact, it seems like I am being called to it more than ever. It really blessed me to hear the reminder that the Lord handles the rest...even reluctant children. I just need to get out of the way, be faithful and let Him work. Thank you. Daphney R.

DAYNA B 04/26/2011 14:02:21

That is ironic. My twelve year old feels the same way. Like she is missing out on the middle school experience. I'm not sure what to do because she has asked if she can go to a school building next year. I feel extremely torn because when we took her out of public school when she was in the 5th grade we agreed that nothing is permanent. And that we would revaluate our decision every year. So I must honor my word. However, finding a agreeable solution is tough.

KELLY C 05/14/2011 13:15:36

It's probably way late to be posting this, but I'm just now reading this devotion. I just wanted to encourage all moms whose kids want to go back to "school" or go for the first time. Yes, it's good to reevaluate, however, who knows what's best for your child? You the parent, or the kids? We always say "Oh, if I knew then what I know now..." well, we do know now. And, my son doesn't. I know where the traps are, what his weaknesses are, and how going to a "school" will affect him. I know what's best for him. Most kids won't understand it until later. If God releases you from homeschooling, then do so, but if not, don't leave the decision up to the child. Remember, most of time, kids don't like our decision anyway. Keep directing them back to what God has willed for your family.

KATHY S 04/26/2012 07:25:46

Sheri B. Why did your child ask to be homeschooled next year?? That should help you with you decision. And if behavior is better working one on one, that might be a sign that homeschooling is meant to be too. To all those undecided about homeschooling; I highley recomend it, but, I'm no expert, we've only been doing it for 6 months. There are people doing it for alot longer than I have (some of these Moms have been doing it for 20 years!WOW!) But, I can tell you that I have a very HAPPY child now that we have been doing homeschool. May God be with you in all your decisions.

DEBRA J 04/26/2012 08:06:53

I\'ve been reading your posts and am very glad to see so many success stories of homeschooling. I have two children. My first children went through public school. My second child was going to the seventh grade when we decided to try homeschooling. We had friends in our church who helped to answer all my questions and guide me. My child and I both love it! She\'s finishing the tenth grade this year! (How time flies!) She is a well adjusted child with many talents and interests that we have been able to develop more than if she had been in the public school system. To all who are undecided or scared to give it a try ... TRY IT! You will not regret it!

SUZANNE CARRIER 04/29/2013 13:14:20

We have 3 children and when they all hit the age of 12 or 13 they begged to go to school. We let one of them go to the local middle school and it was a BIG MISTAKE. Of course they form strong friendships at that age and want to carry on and continue with their friends and go to high school. So our child was in PS grades 8-12. REMEMBER the schools are schools of SECULAR HUMANISM. It is a religion and your children will most definitely be affected. 5 years in the system can do alot of damage. But God is good and is now walking her out of humanist mentality. BESIDES....homeschool is a much better education anyway!

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