Homeschool Documentary to Explore Lives of Self Taught Adults

Filmmaker Jeremy Stuart is gearing up for a second homeschool documentary after a KickStarter campaign easily exceeded his fundraising goal.

Stuart’s previous film, Class Dismissed, sold out theaters across the United States and was viewed in 10 countries, including viewings by head educational officials in South Africa and New Zealand.

Class Dismissed covered a lot of ground exploring what learning looks like for those who choose to step outside the box, and it told the inspiring story of one family’s transition from school to homeschooling,” Stuart said, “but it’s become clear to me that this story is not complete. There’s so much more to say.”

Titled Self Taught, the new film seeks to answer questions about how children who are non-traditionally schooled turn out and if they feel their education has helped or hindered them as adults.

“My intention is to delve deeply into these questions and find out what happens to children who are given the freedom to learn on their own terms…and find out what it means to live a self-directed life where passion and a deep desire to learn are the primary motivators,” said Stuart.

While society often views success as getting good grades and getting a high-paying job after graduation, Stuart hypothesizes that many homeschoolers measure their success quite differently.

“I think that because self-directed learners are by nature, curious and intrinsically motivated, their definitions of success will be more broad and interesting,” Stuart said in an interview with Breitbart Texas.

While Class Dismissed took four and a half years to make, Stuart has set an “ambitious goal” and hopes to complete his new project in under two years.

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