Homeschool Graduation Checklist

If you have a homeschool senior, you may be wondering what steps you need to take in preparation for graduation. Whether they plan to attend college, enter the workforce, or take some time for themselves, here is a quick checklist to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Review state graduation requirements. Double check you didn’t miss any graduation requirements or overlook any classes your student needs to take. It’s also a good opportunity to check the number of credits earned in high school to ensure your student has enough to graduate.

Double check the requirements of the colleges your student plans to attend. Be sure to call the admissions office or look into the requirements for the school or program your student wants to attend.

Take any required entrance exams. Your student should have taken the ACT or SAT once already. If the score wasn’t high enough for admission or to be considered for scholarships, you may want to consider taking it again.

Review financial aid or scholarships. A FAFSA is usually completed in the fall. Take time to review financial aid packages to ensure there is enough to cover college expenses.

Register for summer camps or programs. Take advantage of opportunities like mission trips, community service, academic camps, or internships as these provide meaningful experiences.

Make a final decision and complete any required paperwork. Even procrastinators need to make an eventual decision on their fall plans. Should they choose to attend college, be sure all deposits are submitted, enrollment paperwork is completed, and an orientation is scheduled.

Prepare transcripts and records. Keep your homeschool records up to date. Send your final homeschool transcripts that include graduation date, final grades, and grade point average.

Schedule senior pictures. Whether you take the photos yourself or hire a professional photographer, senior pictures are a tradition and can be taken any time throughout the year.

Plan an open house or graduation party. Celebrate your senior with an open house or graduation party. These events are a great way for family and friends to show their support and for you to share some of your student’s work throughout the years. After consulting your child, review some of these graduation ideas to make this monumental event unforgettable

Award a diploma. One of the most essential things for graduating students is a homeschool diploma. You can purchase one online or make your own.

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