Get Bible-based Curriculum with LIFEPAC!

When it comes to homeschooling, we know your need for economical, easy-to-use curriculum. That's why Alpha Omega Publications® offers LIFEPAC®. With its self-paced, mastery-based lessons, LIFEPAC not only promotes critical thinking, but it also provides your child with a solid, Christ-centered education at a price you can afford!

Complete K-12 Curriculum

The favorite curriculum choice of thousands, LIFEPAC offers the five core subjects of Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science. Each academic subject includes ten individual worktext units filled with knowledge-building lessons and creative, hands-on activities that are perfect for independent learners.

Engaging Electives
As unique as your child's interests, LIFEPAC electives offer a balanced education with more than 15 popular course selections. Go beyond the basics and pick from art, health, and foreign language courses or select one of our new electives for 2010, including Business Computer Information Systems and Computer Literacy: Windows® 7!

Supplemental Resources
LIFEPAC science experiments DVDs for grades 4-10 enhance your child's understanding of scientific concepts learned in daily lessons with fun-filled, step-by-step demonstrations by Stanley the Scientist and others.

Helpful Teacher Materials
LIFEPAC's clearly defined goals and self tests help you easily evaluate your child's progress. In addition, comprehensive teacher's guides make teaching a breeze with lesson plans, practical notes and tips, alternate tests and worksheets, answer keys, and more.

Diagnostic Tests
Assess prior knowledge and learning gaps with easy-to-use LIFEPAC performance tests for grades 1-12. To help you get started, AOP also offers complimentary math and language arts diagnostic tests online!

What Others Are Saying:
"LIFEPACs allow you to let your children excel in the areas in which they are especially gifted, while still acquiring a firm foundation in all subjects. Homeschooling works, and LIFEPACs make it easy."
- Elizabeth S., Mississippi

New to AOP's LIFEPAC curriculum?
Get more information on homeschooling and a better understanding of how to teach the LIFEPAC curriculum with AOP's LIFEPAC Parent Starter Kit.

Ready to get started with LIFEPAC?
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