Homeschooling Surge in United Kingdom

Since 2011, homeschooling in Great Britain is up 97% with nearly 30,000 homeschooled children now learning at home throughout the United Kingdom.

According to The Telegraph, the surging numbers are a result of the popularity of the home school movement in addition to a lack of “good school” places, bullying, and a decline in students receiving access to their first choice for secondary school.

Neil Carmichael, the former chair of the Education Select Committee, said he was deeply concerned about the rapidly increasing numbers of parents choosing “to do anything they want.”

“My concern with home education is that it’s fraught with difficulty,” Carmichael said. “That’s why I believe that every home educator should be registered. There’s currently no requirement for compulsory registration. It’s a huge loophole that needs to be tightened.”

On the U.K.’s official government page for home education, parents are advised that they don’t have to follow the national curriculum, but they are required to make sure children receive a full-time education. Parents also are warned that “the council can make an ‘informal enquiry’ to check that your child is getting a suitable education at home.”

Overall, Alex Newman recently wrote in an opinion article for Freedom Project Media that the news out of Great Britain offers a mixed reaction of emotions.

“On the on hand, it is encouraging that parents are waking up and opting out of ‘the system,’” Newman wrote. “On the other, though, it is concerning that a mere increase in the homeschool population has brought so many totalitarians out of the woodwork.”

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