Homeschooling with Netflix

With the rising costs of cable, Netflix has become an affordable mainstay in many homes during the last decade. Beyond entertainment, however, the streaming service offers a wide variety of educational shows as well. Here are 10 things currently on Netflix you may consider watching for a break from your regularly scheduled homeschooling:


The Bible
A historical tv drama that spanned 10 episodes and originally aired on the History channel in 2013

The American Bible Challenge
A game show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy that aired for 3 seasons on the Game Show Network

Joseph King of Dreams
An animated film telling the story of Joseph voiced by Ben Affleck


The Civil War
A 9-episode documentary from renowned director Ken Burns with a memorable soundtrack highlighted by “Ashokan Farewell”

World War II in Colour
A British documentary with 13 episodes in full color showing some of the most dramatic moments of the deadliest conflict in human history

Secrets of Great British Castles
A 12-episode series that explores six famous English castles, including the Tower of London


To Kill a Mockingbird
The classic 1962 film starring Gregory Peck that's an adaptation of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel 


The Story of Maths
A 4-part series from Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy that covers things like why we have 60 minutes in an hour or 360 degrees in a circle


9 Months That Made You
3 episodes that tell the story of 280 days in the womb from conception to birth

Planet Earth
An Emmy-winning documentary that gives a global overview on the jewel of God’s creation.

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Comments(7 comments)

Crystal 08/24/2018 21:52:25

I love the trailers Planet Earth and Joseph: King of Dreams

Crystal 08/24/2018 21:54:01

I've actually watched part of Planet Earth before, too. It's very amazing. I want to see World War 2 in Color and The Civil War.

Crystal 08/24/2018 21:54:45

9 months that made you is actually quite amazing.

Crystal 08/24/2018 21:55:05

I recommend that you should watch it too.

SaraBella 08/25/2018 03:32:49

I LOVE the Planet Earth movie. I might watch it on Netflix. In fact, I will. I will look forward to talking to you more about it!

SaraBella 08/25/2018 03:35:09

I think that 9 MONTHS THAT MADE YOU is kind of important for people that are 20+ years old. Younger than that is too young.

SaraBella 08/25/2018 03:49:55

Hey again! I remember now the movie PLANET EARTH. It was great. I remember all the animals.

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