Homeschooling's Price

“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me” (Galatians 2:20a).

I’m feeling selfish today. I look at the schoolwork waiting to be corrected and this week’s lesson plans still waiting to be finished, and I want to escape somewhere. My life seems like it’s not my own, and I resent the fact that I can’t do what I want, when I want. Homeschooling requires me to be so disciplined, and I’m starting to feel trapped. I want to take a break from housework, diapers, schedules, and endless questions, but I’m the one in charge. I feel like a huge burden is on my back.

Does the above scenario describe you today? Do you wish you could experience the wonderful benefits of homeschooling and escape the responsibilities? Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. If you want your children to achieve academic, as well as spiritual success, you have to give yourself 100% and commit to homeschooling. Like the man who calculated the cost in building a tower or the king who assessed his army before he went to war (Luke 14:27-33), following the Lord’s call to homeschool your children requires giving your all. Yes, God knows when you need to rest and will show you how to catch your breath, but He also asks His disciples to carry their cross. So, who will you follow today, yourself or the Lord? “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me” (Luke 9:23b).

Lord, forgive my attitude and help me to refocus on the call You gave to homeschool. Teach me again that Your will and Your way are better than any life I can conceive. I love You and thank You for my family. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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MAGGIE M 09/06/2009 05:12:56

This message is very timely for me. We started school this week and i am feeling overwhelmed, but i know this is my calling and i am going to get up brush myself off and be ready for next week. Thank you

R H 09/06/2009 12:28:29

Wow. Describes me to a T, I am ashamed to say. It is very difficult to be COMMITTED to homeschooling; it is one of many FULL TIME JOBS for moms!!!

Thank you for this devotional. I need to post Gal. 2:20 ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!

Praise the Lord for the freedom we have to homeschool the precious gifts He has given, but also, praise the Lord for the VICTORY He gives to overcome the flesh when we have these self-focused days....for me it is often more than once a week....

S R 09/06/2009 21:55:01

I agree that the decision to homeschool should not be thought of lightly, but if your life as you homeschool is generally miserable, then you probably need to rethink what you are doing and how you are doing it. Homeschooling means that your children are at home with you to learn about and develop Godly character qualities and to acquire real-life skills. Academics is secondary to these as is clearly stared in the Bible: "What good is it if a man gains the whole world but loses his soul?"

Both you and your children should experience excitement throughout the day in your home instead of schedules and checklists and stress. This article seems to tell the reader to trudge on through the mire forever instead of climbing up a tree to see if there is a better route. Wow, that's encouraging and hopeful...NOT!

If your life as a homeschooler isn't joyful, then something is wrong. Does God want us to grin and bear it while we turn into homeschool martyrs, or does He want us to stop and seek His advice as to how we should raise the children with which he has blessed us?

Also, why is it "selfish" to take care of yourself? Ex? If you take care of your vehicle, then it will run well when you need it. If you are on an airplane, you are instructed to put the air mask on yourself first, then help your children or others who need it. How can you assist others when you have no oxygen for yourself? Thus, turn to God and listen to what He says. Follow His instruction as being more important that following a curriculum.

DUSTIN P 09/07/2009 17:04:54

This is also timely for me a first time home schooler, with four kids I feel blasted by this last week thank you for this message.

SHANNON F 09/08/2009 20:29:33

I agree with it being timely for me as we started the school year. It's difficult getting back into routine and I felt this way last week--selfish and wanting my own way. Today I totally gave the day to God and read a very short devotional this morning that reminded me to "Stop, Pause, and Praise!" and to rejoice in the day that the Lord has made. Today went so much smoother and I wasn't stressed by it all because I put Him first. My husband came home and said "wow, you are a lot more relaxed this week."

WEDNESDAY B 09/06/2010 06:44:04

I am a newcomer to homeschooling. Tomorrow is our first day and I'm already feeling unsure of how it will all come together balancing school and taking care of the house along with helping my husband at times with ministry. God has definetly called me to homeschool and I am so relieved not to face another year of public school social drama. Being reminded that this will take work and is well worth it helped me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He has called me to this and He will uplift me to do this. Fear is my enemy and your message reminded me roll up my sleves and get busy just like when I do my dishes. God will bless us in this adventure!

TANYA P 09/20/2010 23:08:01

some day are harder than others but alot of times a good night sleep and a walk and talk to the lord (some times a tearfull shower) will pick u and allow you to go on.

KRYSTAL S 09/05/2011 04:57:13

This completely summed up our last school year... between 3 children, 1-6, one of which has Autism, the challenges of adjusting to my husband coming home from being deployed 13 months overseas, plus still doing everything else that comes with being a wife & mother, school was a very heavy, stressful burden for me. But praise the Lord for renewal & restoration & this year we are taking a completely new approach to our schooling & while I know there will be some tough days, I am ready to jump into what the Lord has called m to do with my whole heart, not just fragments that are left when everything else gets done. The Lord is my strength & my strong tower!

SHELLY B 09/05/2011 05:16:25


We all struggle with these thoughts and have doubts and fear. I homeschool one of our daughters due to her multiple learning differences. She is now 14 yrs old. I am also juggling a part time job as a registered nurse in home health. It all seems so impossible but God has given me a way to reach her. I know in my heart of hearts that God has provided a way. And I also know that God will use her in a mighty way. I try to give each day to Him knowing that He understands and will make my paths straight. Thank you Lord, for you are so good to me!

LISA B 09/05/2011 07:18:45

I so agree with SR!

Last year I began bringing \"school\" into our home and I was stressed and our daughter was unhappy and quit wanting to learn anything.

Our chapter book and Bible reading times were joyful and productive but the rest - she just was so uninterested in it.

She is bright and loves to learn and read - so this year we have a whole new approach and we\'re not \"starting school\" and next spring we\'re not \"taking a break\". Every day is a day for discovery and learning about God and His fabulous attributes and creation! It\'s a time to be excited every day.

I can\'t pound facts into her head against her will - or with bribes - or with threats! But we can joyfully and lovingly learn together all that the Lord leads us to learn. Praying for His guidance in all this is key. What He wants us to learn may be different than what He wants anyone else to learn any given day or year.

ROSE K 09/05/2011 08:44:04

Thank you for this. I really needed to read that this morning. I was getting aggravated. Thanks for the reminder to take a breath and just do what needs to be done.

AMY H 09/05/2011 10:42:50

This is my 3rd year homeschooling. As an Army Brat (father career Army Chaplain Retired) I grew up going to numerous schools, mostly public. I never experienced homeschool. Homeschooling the first year was horrible for me simply because we made the decision for me to homeschool our three children 3 weeks prior to the start of the school year. I had no clue what I was doing and no time to prepare or become familiar with any of the curriculum. I was winging it all year and always felt under the gun with three very independent learners. I also did not have anyone coming along side me to advise or encourage me. The first year I gained the title \"Elasta Girl\". I was stretched beyond what I thought was humanly possible and severely sleep deprived. By the end of the first year I had experienced what I did not want homeschool to be like. I knew I was not going to fit some kind of mold and did not want to. Putting myself, a very artsy ADD/ADHD person into a rigid, scheduled, highly challenging academic program was like putting a square peg in a round hole. I find myself asking God on a regular basis to show me His plan for our homeschool. Seems that nothing has really fit us yet. I also pray He help me acquire the necessary tools so I don\'t negate something vital. It seems that for many others the whole adventure of homeschooling is uncomplicated. The ones I know seem to have found the right shoe and it fits. I seem to be on a constant look out for the one that fits us. I am still up in the air as to how to keep records, develop lesson plans,provide some organized system that works for grading/attendance/progress reports. Also testing not sure if there is something better than Stanford testing. I felt it was not adecuate. Would be great to have someone \"show me\" the ropes. Fellow homeschoolers near me seem to have the attitude that this journey is one of figuring things out on my own. It seems like Almost a hit or miss. That you\'ll find what works for you somewhere along the way. I think my problem is that I I am so tough on myself. I don\'t take my responsibilities lightly. My concern has been not in my ability to teach or taking on the task of homeschooling, but whether I have all those additional requirements covered. I don\'t feel like what I am doing is working because the way I do it has not remained consistent, it has not worked or made sense to me. Most of my life the public schools kept those records not me. Making lesson plans, keeping up with grades and attendance seems to become for me overcomplicated busy work that I get totally lost and overwhelmed by. We just seem to wing it most of the time. The task of doing those things seem to be far more difficult when meshed with everything else. I suppose I am like most mom\'s, I want to be successful in what I do as a parent, teacher& administrator, home manager, wife, daughter, sister, neighbor ...etc.

KIM S 09/05/2011 11:24:49

This is sooo right for me at this moment! thank you! I am just trying to gear up for this new year.. two elementary, one high school levels.. so overwhelming for some reason this time..even though I have been doing it for 4 years. Thanks for the encouragement.

CHRISTINA M 09/05/2011 18:26:41

Just what I needed at the right moment!! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

CHARLOTTE B 09/05/2011 18:37:42

God is so good as he just seems to know \"when\" we all need a kick of encouragement. Thank you Jesus....

MAHLERIE S 09/05/2011 18:45:29

I wish I would have read this last week, I just came home from vacation. I have been so stressed and I thought I just needed to get away; well I got away and that still didnt help me none. I come home and read this and it all makes sense and I have accepted this stress in a far better way. I need to look more to the lords word than my own understandings.

W M 09/05/2011 21:24:01

WOW. I needed this. Thank you for the encouragement.

JAYNA D 09/06/2011 07:56:31

This really hit the spot. We started back to school yesterday and non of us really wanted to. I homeschool two high schoolers and 1 junior high. We also have a grain elevator so we run a full time business the three children and I. Sometimes I feel like running away from allllllll of it as if I actually can! Ha! Ha! I know the enemy just wants us defeated so thank you. You have inspired me to quit allowing myself to feel this way and start being focused on Jesus, NOT ME! Have a blessed day!

SHELIA M 09/06/2011 14:06:04


I\'m the dad of 6 Homeschooled children. My wife does most of the work. But I have to help organize and lead things that are right now behind. And I have 2 teen girls that are fighting us about not having time to get away. We have just had time away but they say they are cooped up and want to get out and not worry about whether they got all the days lessons done. I need a message to encourage the kids that working hard on their school work is a big priority just like the message today encouraged us a Homeschool leaders. Thanks for any input.

KATHY S 09/05/2012 05:37:53

Yesterday was our first day this year of homeschooling. (Last year was our first 1/2 year)

About 15 minutes into the day, I stopped and said \"let\'s pray\". My son smiled took my hand and we prayed for a successful day of schooling.

Part way through the day, my son reminded me that he had a hard time paying attention in school when he was there because of his ADD. (He also has a form of Autism that I have not told him that he has yet, it\'s not the right time to tell him,God will show me when it is).

\"I said I know, but you\'ll make it through\". It turned out to be a good day after all. His little reminder made me more sensitive to his needs. I know from last year, and daily life in general, that he needs reminders frequently, and I just need to let Christ\'s Love and patience flow through me as I teach.

Thank you for this very timley devotional!

ALYSSA W 09/05/2012 06:05:50

Thank you so much for the inspiration this morning! I need to remember how important my children are and their well being, way before the housework or chores that need to be done. Sleep will always be available when they are older and I need to remember o focus on God\'s calling to teach them RIGHT NOW. Thank you thank you thank you :)

THERESA W 09/05/2012 09:06:29

Sometimes we just need a kick in the rear! This did it for me! :)

Carrie Ellis 09/05/2013 14:12:45

Good morning! I am going on my 10th year of "alternative" schooling. I have gotten to the point that I don't like calling it homeschooling. It makes me think of kids that stay at home alllll day. I don't ever comment on here but I wanted to say something to all the new schoolers. Don't make this miserable. I look at things in the direction of how would a parent think or feel or act 100 years ago or more. I think we are too forgiving and too thoughtful. Once my kids are in 4th grade or so, I tell them: YOU are responsible for your life and your learning. I can deliver but you must make your wheels crank. I am not trying to be mean but children used to have to be more responsible and a lot more adult like earlier in life. I think it is ridculous that they are still acting like kids esp by 8th grade. Reading, writing and arithmetic are really the cores. History can be combined with reading and that needs to be as honest as possible and enjoyable. Otherwise, don't stress yourself out. Science is important but that can be gardening, chicken raising, baby goat being born, cooking etc... I would not over do science esp at a young age. I make sure the kids have something they are involved in such as 4H, music, and a sport. Most or all of these options I go through a christian group. God is with you. Life is not supposed to be easy. Teach you children to study and learn because they want to. Teach your children to be self sufficient. They will succeed.

Kimberly Kiner 09/05/2013 19:30:29

Thank God for this post. I too am feeling overwhelmed since this is my first year homeschooling. It is a much bigger task than I imagined, and I say that knowing it was not going to be easy beforehand. Yet God is faithful and sends encouragement in so many ways -and yes he does give us time to "catch our breath."

JILL KEMPF 09/09/2013 13:24:51

I am in agreement with a few people who commented above. I am not quite sure where the "encouragement" is in the post above? It does come off as "Life's hard so suck it up" attitude. I am not sure if this was the original intention or not. I believe if you are becoming that consumed with homeschooling then changes need to be made. Step back and approach God. The enemy will do all he can to "wear out the saints". Make sure you are in the will of God and you will have peace. As far as being selfish... we are to give 100% of ourselves to the Lord and He will direct our paths... not our children's homeschool "curriculum".

Heidi Cambareri 09/08/2014 13:28:02

Nope. Thought I was going to feel trapped but actually feel so free and fulfilled. I <3 the Monarch program it makes it so easy for us to get our core stuff in and then get on with the adventures of our day!!

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