How to Razzle Dazzle Your Social Media

With the rise of sharing on social media, many parents are building side businesses or simply finding a creative outlet by sharing their journeys online. If you are interested in elevating your social media and bringing some razzle dazzle to your online platforms, here are three tips that anyone from novice to pro can use.

Start with a good picture.
There are many apps you can use to edits photos, including Snapseed, the iPhone photo app, or Lightroom. However, the easiest way to elevate your social media is simply by taking and sharing good photos. Start by learning how to use the grid on your phone’s camera. According to photography’s rule of thirds, put the focus of your picture in the spot where the vertical and horizontal lines meet. This small adjustment will get you snapping photos like a pro.

For more insight on how to take great photos with just a smartphone, check out the tips from award-winning filmmaker Nathan William Lundquist.

Use templates.
As a homeschool parent, you don’t have hours to design Instagram stories in Photoshop or Facebook images using Illustrator. To make things easy, use an app like Canva that provides hundreds of premade templates sized for every social media platform. Canva can be used from a desktop for more features or on a smartphone for quick and easy downloading and sharing.