How to Use Anchor Charts in Your Homeschool

Anchor charts are a great way to engage visual and tactile learners while creating fun and instructional classroom decorations. Best of all, there are many ways to incorporate them into your homeschool. Learn what anchor charts are, how you can use them, and some quick tips for making them in our anchor charts primer!

What is an anchor chart?
An anchor chart is any visual chart that works to solidify, or anchor, your child’s learning of a concept. An anchor chart highlights the building blocks of a concept and represents those elements in an easy-to-follow image. Anchor charts can be colorful acrostics, labeled images, or any variety of graphs using arrows, bubbles, and/or connecting lines to show the relation between ideas.

When should you use an anchor chart?
If your child struggles with breaking down complex abstract ideas or excels when you include manipulatives in a lesson, an anchor chart would be a perfect activity!

How do I make an anchor chart?
1. To make your own anchor chart, start by writing an outline of a big concept. While older kids can brainstorm the important elements they think should be on the chart, younger kids may need you to have this outline ready beforehand.

2. Once you have these building blocks outlined, figure out an image or visual aid to represent the concept. For example, if you’re working on the building blocks of writing a paragraph, you might use a hamburger to represent each part (top bun = intro sentence, lettuce = claim, burger patty = evidence or data, pickles = analysis statement, bottom bun = summary sentence). You can find so many ideas of visuals online or let your child’s creativity drive the planning.

3. The next part is the fun part, creating the anchor chart! Choose colors intentionally. For example, if you’re comparing and contrasting ideas in two poems, have all comparisons in purple and all contrasts in green. Be sure to tie every word on your chart to a visual element, while keeping it colorful, simple, and neat.

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