How to Use Google Classroom in Your Homeschool

Having structure and organization during your homeschooling years can drastically cut down on stress. A free service available to anyone with a Gmail account, Google Classroom is one tool that families can use to stay organized as a centralized place where assignments and resources can be recorded and assigned to students. For folks already using a digital curriculum like Monarch, Google Classroom won’t have as many perks, but here are a few reasons to consider using Google Classroom in your homeschool.

Google Classroom adds digital elements to a print curriculum.
It’s no secret that kids enjoy technology. Exciting things can happen when we harness that natural enthusiasm for computer-time to make learning fun. If you’re using a print curriculum like LIFEPAC, consider using Google Classroom to add additional online elements to your child’s homeschool day. For example, you could have your kids answer short answer problems on Google Classroom, which can be especially helpful for Mom and Dad if your child struggles with handwriting. You could also simply assign videos to supplement different lessons.

You can share and keep record of additional resources.
If you have multiple kids or plan on teaching the same curriculum more than once, Google Classroom is an excellent tool for keeping track of all the eclectic resources you use. In Google Classroom, you can “assign” YouTube videos or online articles to coincide with a specific chapter or lesson in your curriculum. If you teach that same course down the road, you have all those resources recorded and organized so they are ready to be used again!

Keep all writing assignments in a centralized location organized by course.
Many homeschool students already use a computer program like Word or Google Docs to complete longer writing assignments like essays or projects. Google Classroom allows you to keep track of all those documents in one place so if you want to access them down the road for a student portfolio or college application, you won’t have to go crazy looking for them.

Tip: You could also do this by creating folders in your Google Drive. The benefit of Google Classroom is that you could assign the writing assignment to your student and it would show up in your assignment calendar. You could even grade it within Google Classroom so the grade would also be easily accessible for future records.

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