How to Use Pinterest in Homeschooling

You have an endless source of Christian homeschool ideas, tips, and encouragement right at your fingertips and you may not even know it. Pinterest, a content sharing site where users can “pin” images linked to websites, can be the answer to long, rainy days and moments when you are scrapping the bottom of your creativity list. Once you understand how to use Pinterest, it will become a part of your homeschool tool belt.

Field Trip: Whether you just moved to a new location, are wondering what is new in your area, or are going on a road trip, you can use Pinterest to find fun ideas for local field trips. Simply type your city into the search bar and browse through a rampant amount of ideas. Don’t get stuck searching under the “pins” section, which the site automatically searches. Click the “boards” and “pinners” search options on the top of the page to narrow your search. Try adding different keywords to your search, such as “activities, field trip, homeschool, Christian, or fun,” to find specific, enjoyable educational activities wherever you want to go.

Inspiration: If you have had a long homeschool day or are bracing yourself for one, sometimes all you need is a little encouragement. Pinterest is a good source for finding relevant scriptures and motivational quotes for homeschoolers. Boards such as Alpha Omega Publications’ Inspiration Board have quotes and scriptures that you will want to pin on your own account and even on your refrigerator!

Activities: When you want an activity to coincide with a science lesson, your learners are bored, or you need a spark in homeschooling, Pinterest is the place to go. You can find hundreds of easy activities to do with objects around the house or cheap items you can buy locally. Start by searching a broad topic, such as “spring.” If the results are not showing an ideal activity, focus your search by adding additional related words, such as “activities, crafts, and DIY.” Searching under the “DIY & Crafts” section also brings up fun activities and crafts that you can tailor to your topic.

Follow: An important part of using Pinterest and reaping the benefits is following other accounts. Follow your local chamber of commerce, activity center, or favorite homeschoolers. When you find a pin that you like, check out who pinned it and follow them. Eventually, you won’t have to search for as many ideas because they will automatically show up on your own wall and your own boards.

Check out AOP’s Homeschool Pinterest account for craft ideas, homeschool tips and facts, sales, free stuff, and more!

Do you have a Pinterest account? How do you use Pinterest for homeschooling?

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