HSLDA Hosts Essay Contest

HSLDA is hosting an essay contest where students could win up to $500!

The contest is split into three different age categories for students ranging in age from 7-19 based on their age as of September 1, 2019. Each grade level has a different writing prompt, and all entries must not exceed 700 words, excluding the title. The postmarked deadline is November 1, 2019.

Category 1 (Ages 7-10)
Imagine that you are pen pals with someone who lives far, far away from you. This person has never seen your home or experienced the sounds, smells, people, and events that happen where you live. How would you describe your house, neighborhood, town, or city to them? Answer this question in an essay.

Category 2 (Ages 11-14)
Imagine that you are a tour guide in your community. You get to pick three local sights or other noteworthy things to show to tourists. What do you choose? In an essay, explain why these three things are worthy of being included in your tour.

Category 3 (Ages 15-19)
Imagine that you’re in a job interview and your interviewer asks this question to gain more insight about you: “How has the place (or places) where you’ve grown up impacted who you are?” Answer this question in an essay.

The contest requires a $15 entry fee for each essay (or $10 for HSLDA members) with all profits designated toward HSLDA Compassion, a fund that provides low-income homeschooling families with access to educational and legal resources.

Visit HSLDA’s website for more information on their essay contest, including the official essay contest guidelines.

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