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Are you amazed at the advances that technology has made in the last few years? Charging into the 21st century, we seem to be offered new technological options with every passing day. The Internet has given us a vibrant tool to achieve, to learn, and to expand our knowledge of people and places unlike ever before.

Online technology is changing homeschooling, and the need for computer-based education is constantly growing. At Alpha Omega Publications® (AOP), we can meet the needs of this growing demand with our computer-based curriculum, Switched-On Schoolhouse® (SOS). Packed with interactive, innovative technology, SOS can teach your child with a fully automated, academically superior curriculum. Today's children are used to the digital world of computers and the Internet, so they speak the language of technology intuitively. They are digital natives; and AOP is dedicated to offering the best computer-based Christian homeschooling curriculum on the market to allow children to learn in a way that is natural for them.

The convenience of using the computer and the Internet as teaching tools is becoming the foundation of education. With the mass of information available on the Internet comes the responsibility of setting boundaries for your child's computer use. To create a safe web experience for your child, AOP encourages all homeschooling parents to purchase Internet filtering software from Integrity Online. In conjunction with SOS, Integrity Online's filtering software will help you provide your children with a safe educational experience while still allowing them access to the technology of their digital world.

Technology is changing the way we live. As Christians, we need to be responsible in the way we utilize these tools in our homes. SOS and Integrity Online will not only prepare your children academically, but also protect them from the uncertainties of the Internet. Keep your children safe and give them the best Christian education that today's technology can offer with Switched-On Schoolhouse and Integrity Online.

Beth Te Grotenhuis
President and CEO
Alpha Omega Publications

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