Introducing New SOS Electives

Does your high schooler need to meet a credit requirement in speech? Do you want to brush up his knowledge of American war history or give him a head start on college math courses? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Alpha Omega Publications (AOP) has good news for you. AOP can help you with any or all of these course needs with our new, computer-based 2008 Switched-On Schoolhouse® electives. Act now. Call 800-622-3070 or visit our Web Store to add these electives to your high schooler’s fall courses today!

Essentials of Communication
Transform your shy teenager into a confident public speaker! Made for grades 9-12, this elective teaches your child to interact effectively in today’s world. Topics cover the fundamentals of communication, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, and public speaking. Your child will also learn how to plan, prepare, deliver, and evaluate presentations!

The Civil War
Spark your child’s interest in American history! Get the in-depth elective that examines one of the most crucial points in American history – the Civil War. This exciting course for grades 9-12 covers the division of the Confederate States of America and the Union, major war figures like Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, pivotal battles, and the Reconstruction Era.

Vietnam Era
Help your student understand America’s past! This interesting elective for grades 9-12 motivates teenagers to delve into the history of the unpopular Vietnam War and its consequences. Topics include the Vietnamese country and people, the United States’ involvement and military strategy, the role of the Cold War, the loss of civilian and soldier life, and the war’s aftermath.

Give your child a head start on college math! Made for students who’ve completed Algebra II, this knowledge-building elective for grades 9-12 prepares your high schooler for future advanced math courses with “real world” applications. Topics include right angle trigonometry, graphing, trigonometric identities, the laws of sines and cosines, and polar coordinates.

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