July's Homeschool Parent of the Month

Diane Daily of Montevallo, Alabama, is the first to receive AOP's new Homeschool Parent of the Month award. In recognition of her homeschooling efforts, Diane will receive a $50 AOP gift certificate that's good toward the purchase of Switched-On Schoolhouse®, LIFEPAC®, Horizons, or The Weaver Curriculum®.

Diane has been homeschooling her 16-year-old son Hoyett for the past four years. Due to her dedication and love, Diane has been able to help her son return to his grade level after working through learning challenges that included ADD, OCD, and Tourette's syndrome.

An active member in her local church, Diane loves children and reaches out to youth through vacation Bible school, Wednesday night groups, and various other mentoring activities. For the past two years, Diane has also been an encouragement to other homeschooling parents. She displays a willingness to help when someone is sick or has a pressing appointment by taking on the responsibility to homeschool their children, so their education doesn't suffer in any way.

An example of a great homeschooling mom, Alpha Omega Publications® honors Diane Daily as July's Homeschool Parent of the Month!

Diane Daily with her husband, Reburn

Have certain homeschoolers in mind you would like to nominate for next month's award? Signing them up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just click on the link below for more information and complete the nomination form. Like Diane's story, tell us why you think he/she should be chosen as AOP's Homeschool Parent of the Month and what makes him/her stand out as a spectacular homeschool parent? How many years and how many children has he/she homeschooled? How does he/she show concern or support for his/her family and other homeschoolers? Is he/she actively involved in his/her community and church? How has he/she personally touched your homeschooling family? Include a photo (optional) and information in 250 words or less that tells us how this individual stands apart as an extraordinary homeschooling parent.

If chosen, your nominee will be awarded a $50 AOP gift certificate that's good toward the purchase of any AOP homeschool curriculum or resource. Don't let this opportunity to recognize your fellow homeschoolers pass you by. Give your friends a month of fame and submit your nominee today!

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