Kid-friendly Campfire Recipes

Kid-Friendly Campfire RecipesMaking plans to camp under the stars this summer with your homeschool family? Whether you travel to exotic vacation spots or camp in your own backyard, these kid-friendly campfire recipes are sure to make your outdoor homeschooling adventures even more memorable and fun.

Mud Potatoes

1 large baking potato
Clean mud

1. Let each child mix up a medium size bowl of thick, damp mud.
2. Wash and dry the potato.
3. Pack the mud around each potato.
4. Carefully place the mud-packed potato into the campfire coals.
5. Cook for approximately one hour. (Turn several times to prevent burning).
6. When done (mud will be hard), let cool, crack open, and enjoy.

Coffee Can Campfire Bread (Serves 4)

1 pound bread dough
Butter or margarine
Aluminum foil
1 small coffee can
1 large coffee can

1. Generously coat the inside of a small coffee can with butter and put the bread dough into it.
2. Cover with aluminum foil and set in a warm spot near the campfire. (This works best when the fire has burned down to coals).
3. Allow the dough to rise until it has doubled in size (approximately 30 minutes).
4. Remove the foil and line the bottom of a large can with one inch of pebbles.
5. Place the small can with bread dough into the larger coffee can, making sure the sides don't touch.
6. Cover the top of the cans with aluminum foil and poke several small holes for air.
7. Insert the assembled coffee cans into the coals, burying about two inches of the bottom.
8. Check after 20-30 minutes by lifting the foil. The bread is done when the top is brown.

Eggs in an Orange

1 egg
1 orange (thicker skinned oranges work best)

1. Cut the orange in half and eat the inside with a spoon, leaving the peel in two halves.
2. Break an egg in one half of the peel and cover with the other half.
3. Cover the orange with aluminum foil and leave it in the fire for 5-10 minutes.

Optional Variations:
1. In a plastic bag, prepare one small package of chocolate cake mix according to directions.
2. Squeeze batter into individual orange peel halves.
3. Wrap in aluminum foil, twist the top closed, and place in the fire on the edges of the coals.

Biscuit on a Stick

1 can biscuits
Squeeze butter
1 stick

1. Shape one or two biscuits into a long rectangle with your hands until it is about one inch thick in the middle.
2. Wrap the biscuit around the end and sides of your stick, pinching the ends together as you go to form a seal.
3. Similar to cooking a marshmallow, heat the biscuit over the campfire until golden brown (approximately 10-12 minutes).
4. Gently pull the biscuit off the stick when cool to the touch and pour butter down the hole left by the stick.

Optional Variations:
Instead of butter, pour jelly or honey down the biscuit's hole. You also can pour butter around the outside and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

Have a favorite camping recipe of your own? Please share it with Alpha Omega Publications® and our Homeschool View® readers in the comment box below!

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Comments(2 comments)

DAWN F 06/03/2010 07:10:25

When we camp, everyone looks forward to \"baggie omlets\". Break two eggs into a quart sized heavy duty freezer bag. Let the kiddos squish the eggs until they are well mixed. Add cheese, meat, onion.... whatever you like in an omlet, and squish some more. Place the baggies in a pot of boiling water and cook until firm. The omlet will roll right out of the bage onto your plate.

SHEILA G 06/03/2010 08:08:11

I saw this on the KOA website. Ziploc actually does not recommend using the bags this way. See info on under campfire recipes.

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