Leading by Example

"For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you" (John 13:15).

When homeschooling your children, you often find yourself face to face with personal challenges to grow intellectually and spiritually. Relearning algebra and geometry in order to teach my children high school math was difficult, but memorizing their Scripture verses was even harder. Scripture memorization had been a discipline I failed to apply to my own life until my son asked one day, "Mom, do you know all these Scripture verses, too?" Admitting that I didn't, God convicted me to start hiding His Word in my heart right along with my children during their Bible lessons.

The best teachers and leaders in the Christian life are those who are willing to get their own hands dirty as they help others. Paul was such a man. Although he could have stayed in Jerusalem, he responded to God's call and went to the mission field. Willing to face shipwrecks, beatings, stonings, and other persecutions, God used him to lead thousands of people to the Lord. Even while he was ministering and establishing new churches, Paul supported himself by making tents in order to not be a financial burden on the church (Acts 20:33-35).

Are you willing to practice what you preach to your children, or do you take the easy road in your spiritual walk? Although no homeschooling parent is perfect, we can allow the Holy Spirit to change our lives for the better. If you want to make a lasting impression on your children's hearts as a godly homeschool parent, lead by example. "Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing. Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample" (Philippians 3:16-17).

Lord, I stand in awe at the responsibility You've given me in teaching my children. Let my life be an example of Your love and show me those areas that need to be strengthened to glorify You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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JILL K 06/20/2009 03:17:03

3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence, is and is not correct in our opinion. For it is the bibles teachings, and especially the the Dake's Annotated reference Bible and those likened to it, that do believe, as we all should to be mature Chritains, in perfection of the saints as the dearest loving and living word inspires us too. 2 Timothy 3:17. That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. It does not, as many other verses state might or perhaps be perfect does it, to the contrary, it says may, in other words, in the dearest Lord Jesus' grace we are made whole, and even during the 2 years or so, generally, that it does actually take to become perfect after first being saved and born of water and of spirit, when we seek forgiveness, and we are learning to walk within full maturity and to eat solid food, what are we, forgiven and therefore perfect, or almost forgiven and according to John 8:44? It is valued that someone has approached this Daily focus understanding that there are many that actually do believe in perfection of the saints as the bible states and should be far more fully emphasised by true born again Christians whom have been stifled by certain members of, The World and National Council of Churches who are just not waliking in the light of the Spirit of Christ and do not follow the doctrines within the pages of the loving and living word of Christ Jesus - but why not? On the other hand, the approach in the sentence in question also relates to those not yet enabled to accept perfection, and it takes time for many, within others it is a far more accepted and honored/honoured truth and therefore, reality. We would of preferred, to of seen a slightly more balanced approach in order to enhance the acceptance of the truth by introducing it, not forcing it, but introducing the truth with 2 of the 10 things we can be perfect in, love, 1 Jn. 4: 17-18; and patience James 1:4. However, if the church have to discipline a member who just is outright lazy and detrimental to the walk and the well being of other church memebers, particularly the weak, then that person must be disciplined as the bible clearly states, not just left to run riot and cause great detriment to the name of Chirst and not be able to be forgiven, better to be cast out of the church and handed over to Satan until or unless repentance is sought by the offender, hopefully. With love and blessing, Karen Knapman. The Dake's Annotated Reference Bible

LINDA D 06/23/2009 21:15:15

Jeepers, Karen. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

EILEEN M 06/19/2010 18:30:30

Which scripture verses did you have your children memorize? Or at least some of them. This would be helpful to the homeschooler. The bible is huge and there is so much in it. Why did you choose these certain scripture verses for your children?

THANDI N 06/20/2011 03:12:28

Because I started when my children were young, and therefore could not read, I have ended up learning the same verses they learn. It's the first time I've ever actually learnt scripture, even though I grew up in a 'Christian' home. Good for keeping our old brains ticking ;-)

LISA L 06/20/2011 04:58:58

Thanks for the reminder...just what I needed today! Perfect no, not this side of heaven! However I do think the Lord wants us to strive to live Christ-like, if we are perfect then we are equal with God? There was another who attempted to gain that recognition once. (Satan) Matthew 19:21 does give a way to "be perfect" hmm how many of us will take that verse literally. The bible is so full of symbolism, otherwise how could we 2000 + years later relate and understand it. We will be made perfect, without flaw in eternity I believe, until then God's not finished with us yet! Thanks for you encouraging words everyday!

KIM P 06/20/2011 05:25:06

@Eileen M: My son (and I!) has memorized numerous Bible verses that I usually put to song or make up tunes for. We have started with very simple ones when he was 2 1/2 (God is love) and then progressed to longer ones (John 3:16, Ephesians 6:1-3, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Psalm 23). When I saw my son memorizing the theme song to Bob the Builder, I knew he could memorize Scripture too! It has been amazing for me as well, as both he and I have fully memorized Psalm 23 and Psalm 100 and this year will work on Psalm 1. He is only 5 years old but has been doing this since he was 3. Kids have amazing memories and even my 2-year-old daughter is now catching on. Another tool that has been great and so fun for us is Steve Green's Hide 'Em in Your Heart CD, which includes Bible verses set to songs to aid in memorization. Philippians 2:14 has been especially helpful during the day: Do all things without complaining! :) Hope that helps!

JENNIFER R 06/20/2011 05:34:44

So many times I have been brought to joyful tears or been lovingly chastised by the Holy Spirit via these devotionals. Thank you for challenging us to hide the Word in our hearts with our children. A couple times I have, and together my kids and I have spoken the WORD against Satan as we realized we/they were listening to his lies. We/they were instantly freed as we broadly smiled and recited God's truth together. It is worth it! - Jen Rice

HEATHER N 06/20/2011 05:46:00

This may be unneccesary, but I would like to caution my Sisters about the aforementioned Dake Reference Bible. IMHO it is not a scripturally sound reference Bible. For example, As with any study Bible, it's got the Bible text itself and then the uninspired notes of the editor. The Dake's is only available in KJV text which is visually overwhelmed by the clutter of notes on the pages which frequently are bizarre and racist to the extreme. For example, for Acts 17:26: "30 reasons nations separated: 1. God wills all races to be as He made them....2. God made everything to reproduce 'after his own kind'...Kind means type and color or all things would be alike....4. Miscegenation means the mixing of races, especially those of widely different type or color. The Bible even goes farther than opposing this..." Regarding heaven, Dake says "50 facts about the PLANET (caps mine) heaven: 1. Heaven is a created planet like earth...8. Shape: round...50. Men have been taken to heaven and have lived there in NATURAL (caps mine) bodies for thousands of years..." Dake teaches that God "has bodily parts such as back parts, heart, hands and fingers, mouth, lips and tongue..." Also, Dake promotes the belief of pre-Adamic people and rule of that prior Earth by Lucifer and the present Earth by man, that resurrected believers give birth in heaven, and other unorthodox notions. So I am not intending to belabor a point, but I feel we must speak out when unscriptural references are thrown about. I am not saying that Jill is a bad person, in fact I feel she is probably a very good person and I hope she will look more critically at this Dake Reference Bible as I would hate for her to be led astray by not just questionable...but false doctrine. Be blessed.

PATTI C 06/20/2011 06:15:09

Thank you for sharing Heather. I've made it a point to lean on the Holy Spirit for understanding the scripture -before- I look to men (or women) who do the commentaries. We often ignore the Holy Spirit and look onto men for the understanding. Not to say it is not useful to get counsel from Godly men, however, often we look to our pastors, commentaries, rather than God Himself in His Word, pure and simple.

HEATHER S 06/20/2011 06:26:27

Thank you. I found that encouraging my children to do something that I myself am NOT doing is not in the character and nature of Christ-, Ge led by example as Paul them did also. So glad to hear a confirmation that I too should be more diligent in memorizing verses as they are the weapons of warfare used against the fiery darts... Plain, simple, praise God for His word. And thank you sister for these daily devotionals as I relate very well to your experiences.

TAMMY A 06/20/2011 06:37:40

Thank you Heather N.

CARIN M 06/20/2011 08:05:03

As Jesus taught us to pray daily as Christians: "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Jesus was perfect: Perfect as God, perfect as God in human form on Earth. In the Lord's prayer He calls us to daily repentance; this indicates that unfortunately sins occur. In fact the book of James says we sin when we don't do what we are supposed to do (not doing the wrong thing; but failing to do the right thing). It is daily repentance that continually brings me to the foot of the cross and the blood of Jesus. Why else would the Apostle Paul ask the question of wondering why he did things he did not like, and failed to do the perfect will of the Father that he longed to do. Certainly one who saw the risen Christ could have been capable of being perfect? Yet, he admits to doing things he hated - the weakness of his flesh. We are still in the flesh. As Christ abides in me, I abide in Christ. I still need though to daily repent of my sins in the imperfect flesh that I live.

DENISE S 06/20/2011 10:08:06

Some people say ignorance is bliss. I'm sorry but Karen in your case it is irritating all you do is complain about what YOU think is not right. Please do not refer to us when you write your opinions. Open your eyes to what you are doing if you want to preach start a bible study or learn to be a preacher. You must be very unhappy if all you can do is criticize other people I Will Pray for You for Peace usually when a person only knows how to criticize it is because they themselves feel weak in an area. Again Thank You to those who are doing this work I always enjoy each message and never miss them I have them sent to my phone. It has helped to open my eyes to different information and even has hit home with some of your teachings. It has helped me when I have struggled and reminded me to ask for help in the LORD.

ANGIE W 06/28/2011 06:15:22

Thank you Denise. Perfectly spoken. Some people have way too much time on their hands. Blessings to all.

SHANTELLE M 06/20/2012 03:12:42

Thanks Denise. The daily focus is to uplift. It is so discouraging when i wake up at 5am daily to gab my phone just to read the daily focus and to see things that cause confusion in some shape or form. I used to be just as excited to read everyone's comments because many described the way I felt. Let's leave the negativity to the world and find good and uplifting things to say here. Remember, there are new homeschooling parents and even new babes in Christ reading these posts.Let us all show love, care, and respect for the author and one another. This is the last place I need to find drama. This is my peace to help start my beautiful day.

KATHY S 06/20/2012 06:01:51

Karen Knapman, well, Perhaps you didn't read the messages that most of us left for yoiu the other day. I know that I prayed for you, as I stated I would.You are so in need of God's help. I feel as though Satan hinself has sent you, to throw a "spirit of confusion" over everyone who reads AOP's devotionals. It certainly confuses and irritates me. I read the devotional, I think qbout it and how it applies to me. Then I read one of your comments, and feelm as though a "Tornado" hit me in the brain. And who is Jill K. who allows you on her blog to write and disturb everyone here? Or is Jill W just a cover name you use because you go around to alot of different websites (including this one) causing dismay?? WE ALL LIKE "AOP" DEVOTIONALS. IF YOU DON"T, THEN DON"T READ THEM. BUT CERTAINALY DON'T DISRUPT MY MORNING DEVOTIONAL TIME AND PRAYER.

KATHY S 06/20/2012 06:19:50

I am sorry to all my fellow Christian parents that are here on the sight. God doesn't wan't us to be Angry. From now on if I see Karen knapman or Jill K. on this website, I will not even read what she/they have to say. That will allow me to still enjoy everyone elses blogs, and the Wonderful Devotionals that AOP sends out. Although I do feel Satan has sent Karen/Jill to confuse, and disrupt, I should not have let that make me sin by losing my temper. Just another example of how none of us are perfect, only God.

STEPHANIE S 06/20/2012 07:08:53

What a great reminder! I am so thankful for these devotionals every morning! Thank you Kathy S for pointing out the spirit of confusion that some of these comments can leave us with! I wasn\'t ever able to pinpoint what I was feeling after reading some of the comments, I would read an uplifting devotional and the first comment would be something negative and argumentative. But now I see this as a way to get my mind off the message and thinking about the argument. As Christian homeschooling moms we don\'t need anymore \"negative comments\" in our lives. Some moms get it from family, friends, and even strangers! Lets not get it through in our devotionals too! Let\'s encourage one another! Build each other up! Blessings!

TRISTA J 06/20/2012 09:40:54

My mind keeps going back to the title of today\'s devotion.... \"Leading By Example\". That is so much more than just memorizing scripture alongside the children! Reading what everyone has shared in the comments makes it even more plain. I see some examples I would NOT like to be setting, some examples I WOULD like to be setting and some that move back and forth between the two, and I am humbled because I can be found in all of these places at some point during my day, both as a Christian and as a parent. I am grateful for the comments posted by each and every one of you ladies and pray that you all feel the light of His love as you go through your day.

LAURALEIGH W 06/20/2012 10:41:35

WOW!!! I have been following the devotionals for over one week hoping to find friends at this crucial time in my life. After suffering through too many obstacles in our public school system, I refuse to subject my boys to any more of their gross negligence and severe lack of teaching skills. My oldest son has finished his Freshman year at our best Catholic Highschool with a GPA=3.9. He has remained in private school from the start. My other 2 sons also began in private school, but one bad teacher can turn an entire family into taking a frustrating and painful journey. I am now about to take one of my biggest leaps of faith by trying my best to homeschool my 2 youngest sons. I thought the devotionals would bring enthusiasm, guidance, pep talks, praise, and an all over good feeling for its readers. This may or may not be the first and last time I contribute my time for these devotionals. As a mother of 3 boys, ages 9, 11, & 15, a wife still in love with my husband of 19 years, a chronic illness survivor, a daughter who still aches for her own mother who died so young, a severe alcoholic father, and this June 27, 2012 I will celebrate my 6 year anniversary of sobriety and freedom from drug addiction. All of the above are a mere fragment of the many trials and tribulations that brought me to where I am this very moment. My faith in GOD is unwaivering and not negotiable. My relationship with God is unique and it is mine. I do not have a particular verse to share nor can I debate Bible translations. Even with a Master\'s Degree and 3 Minor degrees, I don\'t want to debate Bible translations. It is a moot point to me. I sincerely thought I would find real heart-felt kindness here like sisters in the true sense of that word are in life. I speak from experience in regards to the true meaning of sisters because I have three of them. Two are my best friends possible, and one is definitely not! We like to think she was either adopted, got mixed up with another baby, left on the doorstep by aliens, or something along the genetic assembly line got left out or put in backwards! (I also enjoy a great sense of humor! If one cannot life, God\'s own wonderful sense of humor goes unnoticed by that someone. And let me reassure you, I have a rolling around Devine & the utmost respect for God\'s humor!) In closing, I thank those for all the wonderful words written within the devotionals, and as for the critics...I believe the movie industry is in need of desperate minds such as yours!!! Here\'s hoping for only the best for all who truly are the best at heart!

KATHY S 06/20/2012 12:41:19

Lauraleigh W. Go back into \"recent posts\", and click on some other than this weeks. Perhaps you will find the encouragment. praise and fellowship that you have been looking for. I am saddened, even with the apology that I put forth, that I allowed myself to get so upset today and show it in my writings. Generally, It\'s not in my character. I too am recovering from sufferings, at age 46 I am recovering from a heart attack and surgery May 4th, this year. My Father also an alcoholic died 7 years ago, he accepted Jesus on his deathbed at the hospital. (God is so Good!) My son suffered too in Public and Catholic school system, this is my 1st year of homeschooling (since November), and it truly was the best decision I ever made. My son is a special needs child, other children didn\'t treat him too nicely. My son is so much happier, and generally, I am a happy camper too. AOP\'s website has been nothing short of a Godsend. I never used to pray in the morning, now, since homeschooling started, 1st thing I do is read AOP\'s devotional, and pray after that. Homeschool has given me an opportunity to share with my son about Jesus daily. Sometimes through a Christian devotional book, sometimes through a Christian/Bible based character movie. And, slowly through the Bible. So, I hope you are not too discouraged, there are some really wonderful people on this website. On occasion you will see some very confusing writings, and rebellion from them. But since last year, this is only the 3rd time I have seen those type of contibutions. Anyway,Blessings & Best wishes in all your endeavors!

JACKIE H 06/21/2012 07:51:04

Linda D., it is important at times to make \"mountains out of molehills,\" but one must make sure that he is accurate and correct Biblically when doing so. One caution is when someone quotes at length from notes in a study Bible (Drake\'s Annotated Study Bible) without strong exegesis of the Scriptures themselves--not just mentioning and quoting the Word but also providing thorough study, or without understanding what \"perfect\" means in KJV\'s day. Perfect does not mean sinless or \"having it all together,\" but it is best explained by 2 Timothy 3:17 (KJV), \"perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.\" In other words, this passage actually has an explanation for perfect--prepared, ready (furnished). A rescue boat is \"furnished\" with everything it needs to address any situation that may arise in the event of a rescue. So we can be thoroughly prepared to handle any situation that may come our way--not in a state of perfection but a real, mature, prepared state of readiness. Mountains are good, but the warning sounded must be legimate; Karen\'s warning is not Biblical.

MELANIE TARAARE 06/21/2013 14:00:29

I'm encouraged each day by these devotions. I have often thought not to read the comments lately as some of them have been so discouraging. Especially if you are starting the day off with it fresh in your mind. I pray for strength for the writer of this devotional and the courage to continue on despite the attacks from others and for peace in her heart that she is doing an amazing thing, encouraging women from all over the world! No one is certainly going to agree on certain things as we are all from different backgrounds and denominations, but lately it's getting out of control. Satan has been enjoying this and I pray against it, after all, if there's one thing we all do agree on its that God is sovereign and He reigns! Those ladies who keep attacking this blog should go find a blog that encourages them as this one certainly doesnt. Mel from New Zealand

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