Make Your Homeschool Story a Success with Switched-On Schoolhouse

Ever wish you could enjoy the blessings of homeschooling without all the work? Now, you can save time and energy and still give your child a quality Christian education with the innovative, computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse® curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications®.

Ask the Duggar family about SOS's tested and proven results. With a family of 19 children, this well-known, busy Christian dad and mom have discovered the winning combination of homeschooling and Switched-On Schoolhouse! Automatic grading eliminates the Duggar's need to check schoolwork late at night, and built-in lesson plans and easy-to-make schedules allow them to feel more organized and in control throughout the day.

To learn more about SOS, read what these other homeschool families have to say about this award-winning curriculum:

"My son loves Switched-On Schoolhouse, and so do I! The interactive lessons and games keep schoolwork interesting for him, and the automatic grading makes it easy for me. If your children are visual learners or you're feeling like you're being stretched too thin with all the lesson planning and preparation that textbooks require, SOS is your answer!"
- Lisa C., Texas

"This program is so great! My dad pulled me out of public school and put me on this, and I just love it! I even work sometimes on Saturdays on my own because it's so fun."
- Alexe E., Missouri

"Switching to SOS made a world of difference with my children. We stay on schedule, and I am assured they are getting a well-rounded education. I have control over their schedule, yet it is the curriculum that tells them what they have to accomplish. Thanks also for making it easier to homeschool several grades!"
- Keith S., Tennessee

SOS Awards and Recognition
Leading the competition, SOS's superior educational content has won these prestigious homeschool awards:

• 14 Practical Homeschooling® i-Learn Awards™
• Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Curriculum Picks
• Homeschooling Parent Stamp of Approval
• The Old Schoolhouse® Excellence in Education
• 1st Place Software Reader Award

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