Making the Homeschool Day Special

Making the Homeschool Day Special“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”- Psalm 118:24

Pull out the balloons and the confetti! If you homeschool, everyday can be an educational party, but also a celebration of life and freedom in schooling. If you have been homeschooling for a long time, it can become tricky to make each homeschool day a fun and special moment while still teaching. The memorable day doesn’t have to include going on an elaborate field trip or creating world peace. Instead, you can focus on filling each day of the school week with learning in fun, new ways.

Monday Mission: Have each member of the family select a nonprofit organization, conduct research on it, and give a verbal report. Mission Monday can help your children build social awareness and an understanding of how Christians can have an impact on the world. Some organizations have different ways people can volunteer, whether it’s in the form of donating clothes, money, or your time. Keep the nonprofit in your prayers all week and perhaps even schedule a time in the next couple of weeks to participate with the organization.

Tuesday Tidbit: Have the kids dig deep into books or the depths of an online search engine to find obscure facts about their favorite subject. Gather everybody together on Tuesday and share the tidbits with the family. When it is shaped as a treasure hunt, the research doesn’t even seem like a learning exercise. Children can have fun hunting for an unknown tidbit!

Wednesday Word: Build up your vocabulary on Wednesdays. Have each member of the family share a fun, relatively unknown word and its meaning. Practice using the words in sentences, and then have a contest to see who can correctly use the words most often throughout the day. This activity sharpens and expands vocabulary with a touch of competition!

Thursday Devotions: Christian homeschooling allows us the opportunity to set aside each Thursday for devotions. Pick a specific devotion each week, whether it’s in the form of a DVD, podcast, or book. Make the devotions relevant to your children, their ages, and their interests. Families with pets, for example, might enjoy The One Year Devos for Animal Lovers. Paste the main scripture used in the devotional throughout the house all week on the refrigerator, notes, and planners.

Friday Fun: It’s almost the weekend on a Friday, and for homeschoolers the weekend can come early! Take this day of the week to go on field trips or do special activities that coincide with what you have been learning during the week. Also consider taking simple outings that you have wanted to go on as a family. Have each child give an idea for an outing or activity and vote for the most preferred choice. Let the stress of the week go and enjoy Fridays by doing something that everybody in the family enjoys.

Homeschooling mixes educational moments with unforgettable bouts of laughter each day. Make homeschool special by celebrating each day as a new day that God has made.

What are some ways that you make the homeschool day special?

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