Meet the Homeschool Mom Who Teaches Thousands

The old saying, "Experience is the best teacher" is certainly true in the case of homeschool mom and training specialist, Tricia Bright. Learning the ins and outs over the past 13 years while teaching her own children, Tricia is more than qualified to give other homeschooling moms and dads expert and insightful instruction about AOP's CD-ROM curriculum, Switched-On Schoolhouse.

Tricia helps inquiring customers, first-time SOS users, and even seasoned SOS homeschool families learn the amazing benefits and features of this Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12. Averaging over 300 Switched-On Schoolhouse webinars a year, she schedules time during her regular homeschooling day to host each live workshop from her own living room in Riverside, New Jersey. Speaking over a standard telephone line while demonstrating SOS on her computer screen that participants can simultaneously see live on their computer, she can respond to real-time questions or comments.

Addressing the concerns of traditional homeschooling parents, Tricia said, "I try to show them how they can still be involved with their children's education while using a computer curriculum."

Tricia loves talking with and encouraging others, and she is especially amazed at how many parents of special needs children look to SOS as a lifeline. In response to homeschooling her older son with dysgraphia and Asperger's syndrome and her younger son who is developmentally delayed, she shared, "SOS was the best decision I ever made in my children's education."

SOS freed her son from his dysgraphia by allowing him to move easily through his daily work. Meanwhile, the
computer curriculum gave her other son the skills to become an independent and confident learner.

"It's so rewarding to see the hope these parents see when they learn my son is now an independent, successful computer tech before his 21st birthday," she said, "even after the child study team wanted to place him in a
residential program for multiple handicapped children when he was only three years old."

Like most homeschool parents, Tricia loves watching her children grow and become excited about learning. A typical day starts around 8 a.m. with Tricia's oral reading during breakfast that supplements one of the SOS topics they are studying. Following a 4-day school week, Tricia starts SOS lessons around 9 a.m. Her son then works independently while she prepares and completes her Switched-On Schoolhouse webinar at 10 a.m. After the webinar, she provides additional assistance, and they usually finish their day between noon and 1 p.m. Mondays also include homeschool co-op classes for several hours, and Fridays are fun days.

Holding an undergraduate degree in early childhood education and a master's in special education-deaf preschool, Tricia believes the Lord is using her educational background and her homeschooling experiences to encourage other families.

"Most people are surprised that I retired from teaching after almost 17 years to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool my own special needs children," she said.

Tricia believes parents know their children's strengths and weaknesses better than anyone, including teachers and doctors, so her best advice for other homeschool parents is simply, "You can do this!"

"If we take the time to show them the way and prepare them with the necessary skills" she said, "they will learn and ultimately become the independent learners we want them to become!"

To learn more about Switched-On Schoolhouse, sign up today for an informative webinar workshop hosted by homeschool mom and training specialist, Tricia Bright.

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ELIZABETH D 07/05/2012 06:16:14

LOVE Tricia! She certainly knows her way around the SOS. I was ready to send the materials back, then I took one of her classes. She was kind, funny, patient, insightful, and knows her stuff. Talked me down, and through all the steps. Because of her (!), my kids tore up their schoolwork and were so proud of themselves. Tricia saved our 2011-2012 school year, gave me the energy to keep homeschooling by talking to me several times and emailing me, and made me become a repeat customer of AOP! God Bless this amazing woman!

SHEILA M 07/05/2012 21:56:12

Tricia is such a blessing to my family! Although I was intimidated at using SOS for the first time last year, she guided me through it. She was always there via webinar, skype or email to answer any & all questions I had. We will be going in to our second year using SOS in the fall & I feel even more equipped to homeschool my children because of all the support that she has provided. She has made using SOS & homeschooling such a breeze for me! Thank you Tricia! In fact, every customer service rep or tech I\'ve ever contacted has been more than helpful. Thank you SOS for wonderful customer support!

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