Monarch Adds More Themes and Text-to-Speech

Alpha Omega Publications® is pleased to announce eight new homepage themes to the Monarch™ homeschool curriculum interface. Designed to increase your child's learning enjoyment, these eight eye-catching desktop designs enable Monarch users to customize their web-based curriculum for a homeschooling experience that's truly their own.

Navigating to the new Monarch themes is easy. Simply click the "Change Theme" link under the "Application" tab on the homepage dashboard and select the option you'd like to display. The new image you've chosen then appears and can be updated at any time.

Customize your Monarch online curriculum with these eight new themes:

1. Circus. Capture the excitement and thrills of the carnival life with this fun theme that provides a personal ticket to learn on center stage.

Gone Surfing. Let the sun, wind, and surf refresh your homeschooling day with this nostalgic trip to the beach for a day of adventure and waves.

Out West. Saddle up and blaze a new trail on the learning range with this creative rendering that rustles up an appealing response from the cowboy and cowgirl in everyone.

4. Under the Sea. Be transported to an underwater world of colorful creatures with this delightful theme that features some of God's amazing creation.

5. Landscape Photography. Capture snapshots of the grassy knolls and fields of gold as you take to the prairie with this peaceful collection of images from nature.

6. Jungle. Climb to new heights in homeschooling when you swing by the lush foliage in this exotic yet serene scene.

7. Lemonade Stand. Quench your thirst for learning with a background of white picket fences and fresh-squeezed sunshine in a glass.

8. 8-bit. Relive the fun-filled moments of the early video game era with colorful, 8-bit graphics that depict the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly.

In addition to eight new themes, Monarch now offers a text-to-speech feature that provides voice-automated lessons, quizzes, tests, and assignments. With this new technology, students simply locate the "text-to-speech options" at the top left of the page to pick a reading pace and voice from the two drop-down menus. Then, highlight the text to be read aloud and click "Read Text." Ideal for auditory learners and a great tool for increasing reading comprehension, this function allows students to choose among two male and two female voices.

Another new Monarch function gives teachers the ability to print course questions without the answer key or student's answers, allowing students to complete lessons away from the computer. In addition to increased portability, this feature enables teachers to save copies of answer-free coursework for the student's portfolio or homeschooling documentation.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in using any of Monarch's new features, please visit Monarch technical support online or call 888-891-4958. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).

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Comments(4 comments)

JENNIFER H 09/07/2010 15:43:52

I love the ability to print questions to paper so that we can review away from the computer. It is especially helpful when reviewing for tests. This is a HUGE help to us! Thank you!

But about those text voices...they are just...uhh...kind of creepy sounding. And the one I listened to would verbalize the punctuation. For example, it says \"question mark\" at the end of a sentence that is a question. Is this intentional or just a goof? Maybe you need to invest in professional narrators to do this job?

RYAN E 09/08/2010 06:06:54

Thanks so much for your feedback, Jennifer! We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

Nikki W. 09/21/2018 16:38:27

How do you turn off the text-to-speech? It's awesome but my daughter has become so reliant on it, that she just listens to it and doesn't pay attention at all...she doesn't read for herself anymore. She is a slow reader anyway and she needs to practice. I don't want to give her the option of text-to-speech until her reading improves and she is able to comprehend the lesson better. She relies on the reading for her and gets the questions wrong because she wasn't paying attention.

CARL V.S. 09/21/2018 18:26:48


There is currently not a way to remove text-to-speech, but it is a suggestion I can make to our development team. Hopefully your encouragement to use the tool as a help rather than a full resource works for your situation. God bless.

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