Monarch FAQs: How Do I Customize the Calendar?

Instead of making you fit your child to a rigid homeschool schedule, Monarch equips families with the tools to have a homeschool schedule as flexible as you need it to be! Watch our helpful video to customize the calendar in Monarch and get a personalized learning experience with our award-winning online curriculum.

Customizing the Calendar
The Monarch calendar allows parents to decide which days are school days and which courses are to be completed on what days. For example, if you want a break from math on Fridays, simply open your calendar from the home screen and click “reschedule all courses.” From there, you can deselect “Friday” under the math course.

When making changes to the calendar, remember that any change causes the program to reallocate all remaining assignments so your child can complete work in the timeframe you set up as the school year. This means if your child has overdue work and you make a change to the calendar, Monarch automatically reallocates that late work to no longer show as late.

Once you’ve made a change to the calendar, you cannot undo the reallocation of late work. If you want your child’s work to show up as late, hold off on editing the calendar until your child is caught up on late work.

A common challenge for some families happens when they go back to mark past dates as non-school days. For example, after Christmas break, some families go back and mark which days they took off from school. This adjusting of the calendar for days in the past affects the allocation of assignments. Some families are surprised when they see assignments reallocated after a change was made to a past date.

We recommend only editing dates in the present or future since adjusting the calendar retroactively can often cause changes to the schedule parents do not want.

Check out our series of Monarch FAQ videos for additional resources. Also, feel free to reach out to us by phone at 800-622-3070 or ask any questions you may have for us on Facebook.

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