Monarch FAQs: How Do I Know Where to Start?

If you’re a new Monarch user, you may find yourself with a plethora of questions. We encourage you to reach out to us by phone or on Facebook if you ever have a question, but we also want to provide resources you can access even after business hours.

On our AOP YouTube channel, we have a series of Monarch FAQ videos, and today, we want to dive even deeper into placement tests to support first-time Monarch users.

Placement Tests
Placement tests with Monarch are free! If you are a new AOP user, we highly recommend getting started with a placement test, so you know if there are any gaps between your previous program and Monarch.

You can choose to test only math and language arts, or you can test each subject. To start, select the subjects you want to test and choose the grade your child should be entering. For example, if your child is going into 5th grade, choose Grade 5 when signing up for the placement test. The placement test automatically starts 2 grades (referred to as “levels” on the tests) below the grade you choose. If you’re confident in your child’s mastery of this lower level, you can sign into your parent account and unassign any part of the placement test. We recommend at least starting one level below where your child should be. For example, a child going into 4th grade should take level 3 placement tests.

Once you’ve set up the tests, your child is assigned ten quizzes with ten questions for each level. Your child does not need to complete all quizzes in one sitting. These ten quizzes line up with the units in that level. So, if your child begins to struggle around Math Quiz 7 in level 3, then an appropriate place to start using Monarch is Unit 7 of 3rd Grade Math.

To mark a level as mastered, you should be looking for a score of 70 or higher on that quiz. If students get to the point where they don't know the answers and want to stop, you can simply consider that level not mastered and start them at that point in the curriculum.

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