Money to Burn

"For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills" (Psalm 50:10).

Can you imagine what your homeschool would look like if you received the same amount of money that public education receives for one child? With $7,500 or more per child, you could buy state-of-the-art computers for each of your children, expand your library with quality reference books, take unlimited field trips, purchase tons of curriculum, buy your own copier and office equipment, purchase high performance microscopes for science, hire tutors to help with high school level subjects, and still have money to burn. Such would be the dream of every homeschooling parent!

Ironically, we do have a storehouse in heaven for all our homeschooling needs that far outweighs any earthly fortunes. God's Word tells us in Psalm 50:10 that God owns everything. We are simply stewards of the abundant blessings that He chooses to bestow. Our heavenly Father has unlimited resources, and like the birds of the air and the flowers of the field, He provides for every need of our children. How reassuring to claim the truth in Matthew 6:8b, "For your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him!"

How about you? When your checkbook balance makes you anxious, do you worry and fret, or do you run to the Creator God for help? If you are living in obedience to His Word, you can trust Him to be there for you. That doesn't mean you'll receive every homeschooling bell and whistle on the market or every extra for your home that you desire, but He does promise to provide for our needs if we follow the truths in Matthew 6:33: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

Lord, You are a great and mighty God! Open my eyes to see the many blessings You've already given to me and help me to trust You for every financial need we have in the future. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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SUSAN W 02/11/2009 17:52:00

We have certainly found this to be true. A lot of the "bells and whistles" that we did purchase, we barely used, and many old things that we bought from friends or that they just passed along were the best items.

I think that God simply blesses the intent of your heart, and somehow makes it all work out. We've homeschooled for 19 years, and still have 6 years to go, but God has always paved a way, whether we were short on cash, patience, or the right attitude. He has His way of getting each family's attention back where it needs to be, and if you expect Him to provide, He will. Just leave it in His hands - both when times are good and bad.

Susan from Virginia

DARCY C 02/10/2010 05:10:07

I really needed this today! I was just thinking about our homeschool budget for the year and wondering if we had enough for what I wanted to get. Thanks for the reminder to trust God and not worry!

JERIE B 01/07/2011 06:57:04

That was AWESOME! It was just what I needed to hear! Thank you so much for sharing!

TIFFANY E 01/09/2011 11:55:18

I agree that this is a much reminder to all of us. However why is it that we can't fight for that money? Why is it that a public school would get it and yet we can't? Why hasn't anyone ever tried to get this changed? We don't need all of the bells and whistles but I know that it sure make a huge difference in alot of homeschooling families. I know some families who want to homeschool and just can't afford it, or some who only have hand me down hodge podge curric. that they struggle with and this would make all the difference in the world to them! I think we should stand up and demand the taxes we pay into for public schooling be given back to us if they refuse to help as they do with public school children!

TRULLY M 02/10/2011 04:58:06

I am encouraged just reading this and yet can see how the world can fooled us home schooler mother. The "wants" that extremely out of control is showing us that God knew way better than us. King Salomon was so reach and mighty yet he still know he lack of wisdom. although he was known as a wise king as well. Vengeance belong to the Lord. we are called to grow in the fruit of the spirit: Love, patience, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control.

NOT spirit to fight. obeying God and seeking God and agree on His providence is way better than worldly "wants".

S. DAWN C 02/10/2011 05:40:16

I absolutely agree with Tiffany E. Why am I forced to pay taxes that go to a school none off my children use? Or alternatively, why won't they let me use some of their assets, like taking band or choir but nothing else. Now I'm pondering the thought and as a Libertarian I'm thinking I might have to be a bit more vocal about it on other sites.

RENEE N 02/10/2011 06:21:06

Just wanted to add a little something regarding the thoughts of Tiffany E...I used to have a similar view regarding tax money in regards to homeschooling. As I researched, learned, and sought other opinions, I came to realize that:

1. If it is God's will, He will provide. Kids can go to public school and love God. I personally prefer to homeschool but it's certainly not the only way.

2. Right now in WI, I have the freedom of autonomous homeschooling, which means I am completely free from government institutionalized public school law and rules. The private school law (sending in the PI-206) affords each of us (in WI) the freedom to teach our children whatever content we want in whatever fashion we want, according to the law as defined on the form (each state is different-see When we want and take the government's money, then the government has the right to start making rules, guidelines, policies, etc. This is historically the scenario and it's VERY hard to go back. I cringe and feel upset with the rest of you with the taxes we pay. We struggle financially as well. But given the choice, the freedoms I have with homeschooling right now are worth A LOT. Priceless. I guess in summary, think carefully and do some digging before you advocate accepting money from the government-even if there are no strings attached at first, there will be later. It's always gradual. ~Renee N.

JANIT K 02/10/2011 06:56:34

that is so blessing to read a daily focus before we start the class, Thank you so much for sharing......Janit K.

A K 02/10/2011 08:18:11

I agree with Renee. When we start wanting some of the government money back we can be sure it will not come without strings attached. Kinda reminds me of when the Israelites wanted a king. And in the end there was only about 2 good kings in their history - David and Josiah. It can be a hard pill to swallow at times - especially when filing for our taxes and we want so badly to click the little button that says ' teaching' materials and then it loudly states home schoolers are completely exempt. But I was reminded then - and esp. now - that we serve a limitless God. His bank acct is MY bank acct. 'The LORD shall supply ALL my needs according to HIS riches and glory'. When we're discouraged over what the government is or isn't doing our eyes have wavered from the Lord. I thank the Lord that He has provided - even if not all the bells and whistles - and thank Him because I know He isn't finished yet!

NOAH N 02/10/2011 09:15:36


DONNA K 02/10/2011 10:11:01

Boy was this needed with our $$ so depleated and feeling God's call to adopt this was a lift. We do enjoy when life is easy, but is that what the word teaches?? No! Say a prayer for us as we seek his will.

Donna K

KERRY M 02/10/2011 10:41:54

I believe that if we listen to God, he will guide us in every thing. Including this homeschool versus public school funding issue. For those of us who don't think God has called us to be active and peruse this issue publicly, He will guide us into the right prayers for those who are called for such a role. Here in NM we are suppose to follow the public school laws as far as attendance. But our new governor has said she will fight for more vouchers for private and home schoolers. Just keep up the prayers and God will remain in control. :-)


VANESSA W 02/10/2011 19:58:10

I always love these devotionals. Although have to say that there is something available here. In Alaska there is a system which allows each homeschooler or those wishing to attend private school to homeschool part time. Alaska allows you to utilize a portion of those dollars. Depending on the "county" agency you go through is a good sum. In Palmer Alaska we use Mat-Su Central School. It provides $2150 of those tax dollars to each child you enroll. That money can be used for extracurricular activities, copiers, microscopes, books, computers etc. My kids got computers, books and Ipads. So it does happen. This is not welfare. it is not available to those in public school since that is considered "double dipping."

VANESSA W 02/10/2011 19:59:50

Oh and yes it also pays for the curriculum as long as it is not "religious". They are very flexible. You have freedom to homeschool how you want and the money to help. :-)

LAURA S 02/13/2011 09:07:48

This is just what I needed today! Thank you God, Savior, Provider!

Dear Vanessa W: I don't understand, if it's not welfare, who pays for it? Where do the funds come from? Is it the Government? I am asking respectfully, and besides if a homeschooler can enter private school, it really isn't "Home Schooling". We have one computer, and one laptop. Here in NYS I will not take anything from any school or the Government, it means I am still depending on them, and one day they will want to take it back, including our children. God provides to each one of us, and he does it according to our needs. We need to be faithful to him first, and trust him.

Thank you AOP for this message. God Bless!

KATHY S 02/10/2012 08:40:03

A couple of things.

Just yesterday I was thinking about how I was going to swing the curriculum for 8th grade (next year), as a single Mom on a tight budget. This year, since I started homeschool Nov. 20th, My Mom helped us buy all the curriculum. God provides our needs and blessings through many people.

Here is a scenario, which may give you some \"extra thoughts\" on some of the comments made above.

I had the School District providing us a \"Private Teacher\", books and whatever my son needed for school purposes, school was help at our Public Library.

I should be happy right? I fought and fought for this, had meetings, sent letters, emails, filed complaints, a ton of phone calls Ect.

At first we started the program,I thought this is great! He is safe, being taught, life is good.

After a short time, I started to get irritated with the methods of teaching. We only had 5 hours per week with this teacher, why on earth was this teacher taking our valuable time with her, and making my son rewrite work he had completed at home? \" His handwriting needed to be better.\" She should have been helping him in Math, where he was struggling.

This teacher just piled work on us for home, way more than 30+ hours worth. I believe, they were trying to \"force\" us to back to the Public School.

I had been researching homeschoolong during this time. And after I had the curriculum, and hired HSLDA, I took the papers to the school and said \"goodbye\".

Even though he was out of the Public School building at the time, they, were still in control of everything he learned, how he was graded, what they spent time on ect.

I had considered in my last letter to the School District, that I would include \"and I will sign a waiver, promising not \"SUE THEM\" for all the damages that happened to my son both physically and emotionally while in Public school, IF THEY PROVIDED used curriculum for the next 6 years.

Before the letter was sent, I REVISED IT. I know that they would have agreed to my offer/threat, but something kept telling me to let it go, get out and don\'t look back.

So, I believe that \"something\" that was telling me, was God. He was guiding me to really be FREE of the Public schools, completely.

With the way the world and our government is headed, I fear we may not have the FREEDOM to homeschool forever.

So yes, in one way it would be great to get government funds to help us, but , with that help we could lose our \"control\" of how we want to teach our children.

Last night, for some reason, I decided to google the name of the curriculum that we are currently using and like.

I found it 30-50% off, so my worries of paying for 8th grade curriculum shouldn\'t have been worries. I only have a few things left to get, and I have until end of August.

God guides and provides.

My son could care less about the \"bells and whistles\", he\'s just happy to be free from Public school.

VANESSA W 02/10/2012 08:56:18

Laura S,

It comes out of property taxes-a portion of the funds that are typically given to the public schools. Its win win because they can still count you. You can use it one of two ways. Either for solely homeschool or if you chose to send your child to a private school and use as a supplement. It is NOT allowed if your child goes to public school because it is considered \"double dipping.\" of course Alaska does not require it. This is just an option. We are free to homeschool with no assistance, no notice or anything. To me less government is better when it comes to parenting. We have used in our case Mat-su central school alone and they allotted each child $2200 we used it for curriculum, science kits, computers, iPads, books, gymnastics etc. no its not welfare at all. The only requirement to use it is that you live in Alaska. And they wont buy religious books-but they bought our curriculum of choice-sonlight and we bought Rod and Staff on our own. Our system was set up to give parents as much educational freedom as possible for their children mostly because there are so many rural and remote areas but we girls that live in town can be blessed with it as well. I also appreciate that this way they will pay for testing and my sons speech. Year before last we used it the alternate way as a supplement to private school. It paid for violin and many other extra things we would have struggled to pay for. There is no income limit! This is our tax dollars! We pay themanyway so we SHOULD be able to use some of them as well. Our taxes should benefit us too! I know it\'s hard to understand but it\'s true and it\'s as much homeschool as you want it to be.

VANESSA W 02/10/2012 09:33:24

Laura S,

Maybe one day that will be the case but I consider this manna from Heaven not a bad thing. As I do the yearly permanent fund money that we get. It\'s our money! Why shouldn\'t we benefit from it? Our government is just doing what all the States SHOULD be doing! Giving back to the people what\'s already ours!

TABITHA J 02/10/2012 09:52:08

Illinois property taxes also pays for the public schools, but the money stays with the area, they do not get redistributed throughout the state. The school district that I live in is so poor that many students do not do so well because of lack of money and I am NOT sending my kids there. Not sure if they have a program that helps homeschooling families, but I will do some research to find out if they do or not. And the school district that I graduated from, they just have some bad morals and a high teen pregnancy rate.

VANESSA W 02/10/2012 09:53:08

Laura S,

Maybe one day that will be the case but I consider this manna from Heaven not a bad thing. As I do the yearly permanent fund money that we get. It\'s our money! Why shouldn\'t we benefit from it? Our government is just doing what all the States SHOULD be doing! Giving back to the people what\'s already ours!

LISBETH M 02/10/2012 21:28:43

Lisbeth M


You mentioned that the district won\'t pay for religious education, but Sonlight is a Christian organization. That\'s amazing that they paid for it! Perhaps they didn\'t research it enough or maybe they just looked at some of the books seeing that they weren\'t mentioning God all of the time. Sonlight has some great stuff!

On another note, I am so thankful for these devotions that usually come at just the right time!

SABRINA SERNA 02/10/2013 11:54:49

Thank you for this timely word of TRUTH! As our family prepares for our move into fulltime ministry in Haiti, I have been praying and believing for God's provisional blessing to purchase SOS for my 7/8 graders. He is Jehovah Jireh, Genesis 22:14 and shall supply all our needs.

KATHY SPIELER 02/10/2013 15:12:36

I just read muy comment from last year at this time.

And you know, I still firmly believe that if we take funds from the government for our homeschooling, the will want accountability or control at some point. In Illinois where I live, they don't offer anything anyway. Even of they did, I wouldn't take it.

It was enought that they controlled my child in Public school, I don't want to be accountable to but GOD.

And for all who do recieve, I know that it is not charity, it's money you paid in taxes, just coming back. I just worry of the "strings" they will attacth at some point. I really enjoy our freedom, and don't want to lose it.

KATHY SPIELER 02/10/2013 15:14:34

" I don't wan't to ba accountable to anyone BUT GOD"

sorry for the type "O"

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