Natural Cancer Prevention Summit to Be Hosted by Homeschool Mom

A homeschool mom’s journey from illness to health has inspired her to start a national online event to educate families about health and cancer prevention.

Razi Ann Berry, a homeschooling mother of two children, is a leading advocate for natural and preventive medicine as the publisher of an award-winning international journal of naturopathic medicine. Now, she’s hoping to spread her message that “prevention is the best cure” through a free online educational event.

“The freedom of home education puts the responsibility and power back into the hands of the family, and health education is a critical element of this. Without good health, we cannot exercise or enjoy our God-given freedoms,” Berry said in the event’s official press release. “As a home educator, I can influence my child’s lifestyle habits, so we can avoid risk factors for disease such as sleep and wake cycles, chemicals in industrial products, pesticides found on playgrounds, even the emotional environment and the amount of physical activity my children engage in. I can also monitor the use of technology and ensure my children are using it safely, to reduce risks such as radiation and blue light.”

Scheduled for May 16-23, 2016, The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit features more than 30 physicians and researchers with the goal of educating the public about their health and cancer risks. Topics include identifying carcinogens in food, water, and household products, understanding your risks for different types of cancer, and improving your immune system through healthy emotional responses and sleep habits.

According to the event’s press release, 50% of people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.

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