New App Seeks to Support Parents

As more parents turn online for their parenting needs, questions, and advice, a recently released app has promised to offer personalized support based on positive psychology research.

In a recent survey conducted by ZERO TO THREE of 1,000 parents, 49% of parents are using mobile parenting apps today, while 60% of respondents use science-based parenting websites. Hoping to appeal to those users is a new app titled Enjo.

Here’s how it works: Enjo begins by asking you a series of questions, including the names of your family and activities you enjoy doing together, as well as things for which you are thankful. Once you’ve entered your personal information, the app asks you to describe your emotions and what triggered your current feelings.

“Then the chatbot affirms your emotion and offers to let you vent, find out whether what you’re feeling is common, or help you shift your perspective,” wrote Jenny Anderson in a review published in Quartzy. “It also offers a few pieces of advice, including links to studies or your own reflections.”

According to Enjo’s official website, users appreciate the non-judgmental factor of the app.

“It’s great because you don’t feel judged by Enjo,” wrote one user. “There’s a lot of mom guilt,” added another. “Enjo made me feel better as a parent—that I’m doing the best I can.”

While the app intends to be a positive source for parents, the app’s creators don’t intend for it to be a replacement for human interaction.

“We think it’s super important that humans talk to other people,” said Swedish psychologist and co-founder Hoa Ly. “What Enjo does is connect and reconnect you with people who are important to you.”

Overall, the app simply seeks to acknowledge that being a parent is guaranteed to come with unique challenges and joys.

“We believe the transition you make when you become a parent is so big—it’s one of the biggest transitions you make in life,” said Ly. “While it can be fascinating in many ways, it can also be lonely, isolating, and frustrating at times.”

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