One Day at a Time

"Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" (Matthew 6:34).

The best advice I received when I first started homeschooling was, "Take one day at a time!" These words were easy to say, but they were very hard to do. Borrowing tomorrow's trouble is a learned family trait, and many times I had to come before the Lord in repentance. Many people like to think they are organized and prepared for the unknowns in life, but homeschooling four children has a way of changing that mindset. Each day I needed to erase the failures of yesterday and realize that God was providing His strength and creativity one day at a time.

Seeking God daily for strength is a lesson the people of Israel had difficulty learning as well. Each day for 40 years, God rained manna from heaven to feed the Israelites (Exodus 16:4). The organizers in the group thought they could run ahead of the Lord and gather extra, possibly planning ahead for those unknowns. However, any amount the people gathered that was more than they needed for that day spoiled. God's provision of manna was not only for nourishment, but it also was a test. God wanted to see if the people would obey His commandments and trust that He would provide for their daily needs. God had commanded them to collect only enough manna to last for one day's needs. Only on the day before the Sabbath had God commanded the people to gather twice the amount.

One other motivating factor also played a part in the gathering of this daily bread. The people had to gather the manna before the heat of the day (vs. 20-21). In this way, God showed them that they needed strength before the day's problems began.

Do you miss the joy of homeschooling your children today because you've run ahead to tomorrow? If you continue to look only at the forest of your child's academic goals, you will miss the many wonderful moments of the trees today. Perhaps that is why Jesus taught His disciples to pray, "Give us this day our daily bread" (Matthew 6:11).

Jesus, You are the bread of life, and without You I can do nothing. Teach me to wait on Your daily provision of strength and help me to find the blessings in homeschooling every day. In Your name, Amen.

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VICKI C 01/09/2009 06:25:36

What a blessing it was to read this. I have been focusing this week on one day at a time and even down to one hour and one minute at at time. This article was a confirmation to me.

MISTY S 01/09/2009 06:53:05

Thank you for the encouraging Word I needed it more than you know!! As a mother of seven I have to go day by day and I tend to try and plan and prepare and it seems impossible, with a large family everything is subject to change! Being remided as to who is in charge and why I'm doing this is really comforting! God Bless

CONNIE D 01/09/2009 12:08:29

"but in homeschooling four children" This is really strange but when I first read that I was sure it said. "four older children". I am homeschooling 3 "older" children and my mind automatically personalized this devotion. It was just what I needed because when you have older kids it doesn't just change your mindset....everything can change from one day to the next. I've missed some of the joy trying to second guess and worry about tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

MANDI H 01/09/2011 08:24:12

What awsome reminder....i really needed to hear this! Its so easy to get caught up in "the future" that forget about the here and girls are still little - 1st grade & pre-school...and I really dont want to miss any trees along the way! Thanks so much for this!

CHRISTINE K 01/09/2011 13:48:16


LAURIE W 01/09/2011 15:13:52


Two years ago, I took my 7th grader out of Jr High where she was a straight A student. Talk about concern for tomorrow! It's a daily struggle for me. I now have a renewed mindset to start off the day with manna, as well focus only on today. Thanks so much for the reminder.

CLAUDENE S 01/09/2011 21:06:11

Live for today, Learn from yesterday, Reach for tomorrow.

ENJOY today, it's all we ever have.

Learn each day from the things you do.

Strive to do the will of the Lord each day as you go along.

God Bless Home-schoolers!!!

TAMMY K 01/11/2011 14:36:06

Thank you so much for this reminder!! I have always enjoyed homeschooling our children, and they have enjoyed being homeschooled. Last month, trying to get "it all done" before the new semester started I began to feel overloaded. Reading the devotion today has reminded me of why we always enjoyed our "school time". Thanks again for reminding to "take one day at a time".

ARACELIS W 01/14/2011 08:48:17

thanks thanks thanks A. williams

MARYANNE S 01/09/2012 08:51:01

Spoke right to my heart today. Thank you for the post.


IDALIZ M 01/09/2012 14:02:53

Today was our first day back for the year; and a week and 2 days after my mother in love\'s death on this earth. I cried last night thinking about today, focusing on \"tomorrow and its toil\". I knew if I called out the sweet name of Jesus; He would lead me in the right path. One day at a time was the answer and one of my dear mother in laws best teachings. At one point, I recall her saying \"One step at a time\". Thank you for posting this today! I know Christ is the center of our homeschool and your devotion was a reminder today. My lesson plans were not done but we made it happen by his grace.

01/09/2013 07:34:44

Great encouragment! After months of struggling..and Il mean struggling with the decision to take my 5 year old outta kg..I did...still kinda numb...especially after being blasted by close family over my decision. So thanks for this. God bless

KATHY S 01/09/2013 08:06:38

I have learned in the last 10 months, that there is no planning ANYTHING.

Not Homeschool school projects, not life events, nothing. I have been myself in nthe Hospital 11 times since March and My son also was hospitalized once with th Flu right before Christmas this last year.

Why God is allowing all this? I don\'t know and will not question, I am thankful to still be here.

Perhaps the never knowing what will happen each and everyday puts us more dependant on the Lord. So, very much in common with your devotional, we shall wait each day, no more for our \"form of manna,\" which is our \"health\" from our Lord Jesus.

So, alot of truth to this devotional. Thank you for posting, it definatley was something I could relate too.

Have a Blessed Day!

01/09/2013 08:16:44

Thank you for this reminder! Soon I will start homeschooling kindergarten with my oldest of three children. I love to plan, and some days I feel like mapping out their entire K-12 education!! That only leaves me sapped of energy and overwhelmed - not things Jesus wants for me. Strength, joy, goals, and patient endurance for TODAY are what I need!

HEATHER ODELL 01/09/2015 15:41:53

Thank you for the reminder that what God gives us daily is sufficient and perfect for our needs. All else will spoil, like to excess manna, so give your day to God and he will provide the plans.

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