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The origin of World Day of Prayer dates back to the 1800s when a group of Christian women were moved to take a more active role to support and participate in missions around the world. More than a century later, World Day of Prayer unites Christian women in over 170 different countries to promote international justice and equality through prayer, service, partnerships, and more.

On March 6, you can join this international community of Christian women and men as we agree in prayer for radical peace, intentional support for hurting communities, and victory for those working towards a kingdom mission around the world. This year, the theme for World Day of Prayer is “Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk” and the host country is Zimbabwe. To learn more about Zimbabwe and specific ways to pray for the people of their African nation, World Day of Prayer has created a 12-page country background of Zimbabwe filled with excellent supplemental material that can be used in your homeschool.

God, source of our strength,
we thank you.
You transform the seed into fruit.
You feed and sustain us.
You are with us on easy and difficult paths.
You enable us to walk with one another.
We ask you,
help us to trust your strength that cares for what is small
and that can create something marvelous from timid beginnings.
Be near us, guide, and move us.
As the grains from many fields become bread
so make out of us one community,
a sign of hope in this world.

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