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It’s highly visual, totally free, and growing by the second. Pinterest provides homeschoolers with a wealth of free tips, activities, and inspiration. It’s a fun online spot to share and find content and graphics on almost any topic.

A content-sharing site where users can “pin” images linked to websites, Pinterest can be the answer to long, rainy days and moments when you are scraping the bottom of your creativity bucket. In fact, once you understand how to use Pinterest to its full potential, it will quickly become a part of your homeschool tool belt. Here’s how.

Find Learning Activities. When you need an activity to coincide with a lesson, your students are bored, or you need to vary a school day, Pinterest is the place to go. It houses hundreds of easy activities requiring everyday items you can pick up cheaply at general retail stores. Start by searching a broad topic, such as “spring.” If the results don’t show an ideal activity, narrow your search by adding related words, such as “activities,” “crafts,” and “lessons.” Plus, the DIY & Crafts section includes a lot of learning activities that you can tailor to your topic.

Get Inspired. If you’ve had a long homeschool day or are bracing for one, a little encouragement may be in order. Pinterest is a great source for Scripture and motivational quotes for homeschoolers. Alpha Omega Publications has an Inspiration board with quotes and scriptures that you will want to pin on your own boards, or even your refrigerator.

Get Field Trip Ideas. Whether you’re looking for new places to go and things to do or you’re taking a road trip, Pinterest will show you the way. Just type your city into the search bar, and click Boards or Pinners at the top of the page. This will give you more specific results than clicking Pins, which searches all of Pinterest. Vary your search terms with words like “activities,” “field trip,” “homeschool,” “Christian,” or “fun,” to find specific educational activities.

Follow the Crowd. To get the most out of Pinterest, follow others, such as your local chamber of commerce, activity center, or fellow homeschoolers. When you find a pin you like, note who pinned it, and follow that person. Eventually, you won’t have to search for as many ideas, because they will automatically show up on your own wall and boards.

Be sure to check out AOP’s Homeschool Pinterest page for fun and inspiring homeschooling pins, sales, and a lot more.

How do you use Pinterest in your homeschool?

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