Pity Parties

Self-pity is a common temptation faced by many homeschooling parents. After all, we have such a heavy burden to bear, right? If the daily duties of homeschooling are not enough, we also face ridicule and a lack of appreciation for the hard work of teaching our children. Our martyr syndrome assumes we're the only ones who really care about our children's education. Foolishly we say, "No one else sacrifices or suffers for what they believe like we do." Sadly, we actually believe these lies from Satan and sink into homeschooling despair because of them.

God doesn't want us to feel sorry for ourselves, and He teaches us that lesson with the stories of two pouting prophets in the Bible. Consider Elijah and the great demonstration of God's power at Mount Carmel. When Elijah prayed, the Lord proved Himself mighty to the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:20-39). Forgetting what God had just done, Elijah ran for his life to Mount Horeb to hide in a cave because the evil Queen Jezebel threatened him. When God asked why he was there, Elijah claimed, "And I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away" (1 Kings 19:14b). Then, there was Jonah who preached to the city of Nineveh and watched as the entire population repented of their sins. Jonah became so angry at God for sparing them that he said, "It is better for me to die than to live" (Jonah 4:3b). Both these prophets went from tremendous highs to the depths of despair as they felt sorry for themselves and forgot God's deliverance.

What about you? Are you having a one-person pity party to celebrate your homeschooling difficulties? Why be like a foolish prophet who forgets the mighty miracles of God's blessings? Rejoice instead in the precious opportunity God has given you to teach your children. Enjoy the wonderful gift of having fun together as a family. After experiencing the joys of homeschooling, why not throw a different party tonight and celebrate all that God has done for you?

Lord, I praise You for the love You show me each day. I am so thankful to be my children's teacher and rejoice in the blessings of homeschooling. I recommit my heart and thoughts to You today. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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NAOMI K 03/16/2009 13:05:13

Thank you for today's Daily Focus! I will be homeschooling for the first time this fall. I've had so many individuals comment on how they can't believe how much patience I must have to want to homeschool my boys. I have not thought of a responce yet and have just smiled and nodded. Now I can say that God has given me the privilege and I just can't pass it up and I will be praying for the patience and wisdom to do so!

JANEEN P 03/16/2009 16:30:15

Wow I really needed that today! I find myself frustrated a lot with my kids when they don't want to focus and do their work. I completely lost sight of the reason why I am homeschooling and that God has even allowed me to be in a position where I can do it to begin with! Thanks for redirecting me to the source of my strength, God alone, and for helping me to give up my pity party and dependency on myself.

ELIZABETH J 03/16/2010 01:05:05

I actually home-schooled my children in secret for several weeks before "the grandparents" found out! I would have just kept right on doing it too (secretly) if my oldest son hadn't tattled! But much to my suprise both of our parents were 'glad' that we had decided to keep the children home. They had watched the changes in some of the older grandchildren after they had started public school and were (secretly) worried about our children. I realized then that God had truley helped them to see what was best for my family, and that I would NEVER be alone in homeschooling my kids. God has given us privalage to serve him, and to realize the lies of satan.

LISA B 03/16/2010 15:14:56

I wish to thank you so much for this and the other devotionals I have received over the past week. Divine intervention has spoken---and I am listening!

Since starting homeschooling in a bit of haste in December---I have been totally overwhelmed! These devotionals have helped me to return to an "attitude of gratitude" and to get myself out of the way.

I thank you so very much-

Blessings and a Big Smile,

Lisa A. Boothe

LAURA C 03/16/2011 05:42:45

Thanks for this challenge. My husband & I are o a first vacation without ourhomeschooled son & I enjoyed this prayer. It rejuvenates my spirits!

CHRISTINE C 03/16/2011 05:51:57

oooh Good One!

THERESA B 03/16/2011 05:59:02

Thanks for such a blessing. I tend to fall into self pity, not the way you described it but still self pity. Our situation was such that homeschooling was no longer a choice it was what had to happen while we remained in our school district (at least until next Jan). So when people say I could never do it I respond to them the same way I did when I had just became a Navy Wife. What choice do I have? I am here now so I need to get on with it. Most people that are saying I could never do that know of our circumstances and realized that there was NO CHOICE. The girls had to come out of school.

But now I think of it, this is all part of God's Plan for us.

BRENNA H 03/16/2011 06:37:46

We serve an AWESOME God! He will always carry you when you can no longer carry yourself. Peace and prayers,Brenna

JILL A 03/16/2011 07:01:57

Naomi K.

Welcome to the finest job ever! You are surrounded by sisters and brothers in the Lord who are anxious to come by your side and help you. Just look at A.O.P.

Two things helped me most in times of "pity". I needed to understand that all the times I would ask the Lord to help me succeed in homeschooling, I was really asking Him to be my assistant. It was a struggle for me, until He showed me that He is pleased with us when we truly understand that it is we who are His helpers. He showed me an actual image of myself crying out to him in desperation. "Where are you Lord?? I need your help, please?!? Come find me. Interestingly, I was in the FRONT when my feeling was so helpless. Then, He showed me how Enormous He is. He reached His hand back to me and took it gently. He taught me that it is I who am His helper. He is always in the front. With great relief, I was shown my place in His plan. He desires for us to succeed in ALL that we do according to His will. Our children belong to Him! We belong to Him!

I'm in my 6th year of learning along side of 3 beautiful sons (11, 15, & 17) The world which persecutes us for homeschooling our children will not be standing next to us when we are before the King on Judgment Day.

When we are persecuted for our Christian values and convictions, remember we are in "good company". We are in "Christ's Company".

Let's agree together that it's of greater importance to hear the Lord Jesus say to us "Well done my good and faithful servant".

Thank you father for another opportunity to serve you today.

P.S. Please be with Tyler as he takes his drivers test today. Amen.

SHELLEE W 03/16/2011 10:16:19

thank you for this word today i often fall into this . i am a single mom homeschooling my teen. i often get discouraged with the idea of working outside the home and homeschooling. the road get rough but God always makes away.

WANDA R 03/16/2011 14:10:04

I will be homeschooling my kids for the 1st time this fall and the daily words of encouragement from AOP has really helped me see the highs and lows of this huge responsibility. At first the thought of homeschooling crippled me with fear until I understood that God will be with me every step of the way. Now my heart if filled with peace knowing that it is Christ who carries our burdens and I just need to rest in Him, even in homeschooling. Being able to mold my kids in every area of their lives and be their primary influence is truly an honor from God.

ELAINE P 03/17/2011 06:24:41

I really appreciate today\'s word of encouragement. I too have days where the kids do not want to cooperate! Especially the older ones. Not that I approve of their behavior, but I understand why some of the public school teachers became so mean and rude to their class. My children are former public school attendees and them and their friends would talk about how these teachers would yell, and threaten and ridicule the class or certain kids that did not cooperate. I now understand their frustration BUT would not stoop to that level.

TINA C 03/16/2012 06:15:26

I can not thank you enough for these words of encouragement. I am sure I will be using them for strength over the days to come. I will be a first time homeschooler in the Western NY area and I am finding it difficult to find others in the area that homeschool as well to meet with for support and so on. I know they are in the area but without joining a group for a fee I can\'t seem to find them, and the financial situation is a little tight right now. So I am counting on God to see me through this.

I need to homeschool my daughter for many reasons I won\'t go into here, so once again, I can NOT thank you enough for the encouraging words. I will start homeschooling this coming Sept.

TABITHA J 03/16/2012 08:24:31

My in-laws supported our decision (my and husband\'s) to homeschool our children when we have them because they homeschooled several of their children. We are hoping that our home businesses will take off so that we can use our home businesses to support our family while homeschooling.

Sherry Moreto 03/19/2014 15:11:40

I to am very thankful for this encouragement today, I am new to homeschooling, I will be starting in Sept so right now I'm just getting everything together and also trying to find some other families that are also homeschooling in my area, the only thing with me homeschooling is that I will be home schooling my granddaughters, I really feel that God has put it in my heart to do this and I am really excited about starting, also a little nervous about it but I know God will be by my side.

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