Poor, Pitiful Me

"O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever" (Psalm 118:1).

Standing in the basement doing laundry, I wondered, "How much of your life do you sacrifice before there's nothing more to give?" I was missing a beautiful summer day outside and feeling frustrated that there was so little time for the things I enjoyed. I dreamed of relaxing in the sun with an ice cold glass of lemonade and a good book or riding my horse into the open pastures near our ranch. Homeschooling seemed to be consuming my entire life, and each day I felt a little more drained. If I wasn't teaching my children, I was cleaning their messes. Would there ever be time again for me?

Self-pity is a destructive force in a person's life because it fails to acknowledge God's goodness with a grateful heart. The Hebrew nation's constant grumbling is a prime example (Psalm 106:25). For over 470 years, they cried out to God for a deliverer to rescue them from bondage in Egypt. When deliverance finally came and Moses led them to the Promised Land, they continued to complain, even to the point of longing to go back to Egypt. Although God had proven Himself mighty with miracles and provisions, they failed to be thankful for His loving hand of protection.

What about you? If the demands of homeschooling have you down, stop your personal pity party and think again about what the Lord has done. Your days might be busy, but God has blessed you with incredible opportunities to change the world through your children's lives. Let praise and thankfulness replace your "poor me's" and watch as God blesses your faithfulness in serving Him as a homeschooling parent. "I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth" (Psalm 34:1).

Father, forgive my selfishness when I fail to appreciate all You have given to our family. Lift my heart today and help me to focus on the things in life that are truly important. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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MELODY E 06/29/2009 06:51:26

Recently a male friend told me I shouldn't postpone my life because of my children because I would regret it just like his mom.

Where my life doesn't revolve around my children, I do have outside interests, but my children come first. I don't regret it. I made the decision to have children and my desires will wait. I don't think I'm postponing my life in the least.

This article confirms that. Thank you.

KELLY C 06/29/2011 03:40:33

Oh, me of little faith! I know the Lord has big plans for me, but I never seem to imagine that they are today's plans--the time I spend cooking and cleaning, nurturing and playing, raising my children and spending my every day. Thank you for reminding me that every moment my every day spent raising my children is a precious opportunity to say yes to and be grateful for God's plan for my life. God's will be done, and my joy will follow.

LISA B 06/29/2011 06:12:08

regarding Melody's comment - postpone your life? his mother regretted?

That is so sad for someone to have that attitude.

We had our precious daughter when I was 38. We lost 2 to miscarriages. There's nothing in this world more important than raising her. I had a whole life-time to indulge myself with what I wanted to do and it doesn't compare in the least to being my daughter's mother!

When I become self-focused, that's when I become self-pitying. Then I remember to focus on Christ and to focus on serving Him. Serving my family is serving Him.

KIM H 06/29/2011 06:27:42

"Serving my family IS serving Him." THIS is what I need to remember!

KIRSTEN J 06/29/2011 06:33:50

Attitude is everything! I am learning this now, "I get to prepare healthy foods for my family, I get to serve them with clean clothes, I get to teach them how to be productive members of society." Being a Christian, our duty is to serve others.

That being said, I have found in my 10 years of being a mother, that is is still important to refuel and refresh. Yes, quiet time works for many moms. I need something in addition to just quiet time, (which is never quiet with kids and animals) I must get away from the house. I will go for a run with praise music on and that is what sets my day right. I do not feel guilty about it, infact, I know God has blessed that time. It has taken me a few years to realize that God knows we mama's need rest too, it comes in different ways for each of us.

MAYA T 06/29/2011 06:53:54

I am so thankful for this article today. I have spent a lot of years in full-time ministry, and the pressure continues to come back to get into some form. But I know my ministry is to be committed to the education of my children, raising them to be all that God wants them to be, and to put blinders on my eyes for this season of my life.

I am asking God to help me to resist the pity and the pulls from the desperate cries from the sanctuary on Sunday's, especially when I have related so many times before. I have made those calls. That is the pity times for me. I desperately wanted to get out of ministry to be with my kids. Ministry took all of my time away from home.

What a good devotion today, it really confirmed right where I needed it to be.

CARIN M 06/29/2011 06:57:54

Thank you. I have been having quite the pity party this week about the fact my youngest, age 2, was born with Down Syndrome. Your devotional once again was exactly what I needed to hear, convicting, and well timed. God Bless you.

CHRISTY L 06/29/2011 07:21:47

How sorrowful the ways of man get when they start seeking there own selfish ways. I'm sorry that someone gave that advice. It seems more of an opinion then advice. Once the decision to homeschool is made satan will try everything possible to thwart that ministry, which is what God has placed on your heart because He know you can do it.

I am a mother of 3 (my 18 year old nephew who just graduated, our now 2nd grader son who is 7 and our youngest son who is 4). I did a Beth Moore ESTHER study this last spring and felt called to homeschool, for such a time as this but God is still working on my husband's heart. I felt such a pity party about not being able to do what God has told me to but soon realized that sometimes He has a lot of work to do before the idea is actually carried out.

I have to work so that our kids can at least go to a Christian school and be able to pay off some debt. I did have many whiny moments about this but God helped me to realize that whatever He chooses for whatever season He is still in control and sees our children even when we do not.

Pity party is just a place where Satan reigns and can have the limelight if we let him.

KRISSY M 06/29/2011 07:56:44

These short devotions most always speak to my heart and today was no different! Boy did I need this! It is all too easy to fall into the habit of complaining and seeing the negative. Thank you so much for the reminder that as children of God we need to always be praising Him because there is always something to give thanks for!! We just have to open our eyes and look for it!! Blessings to you and your family!

JULIE J 06/29/2011 07:58:47

I do not believe in having a pity party, HOWEVER, I do believe that our minds, hearts, souls, and bodies do need rest sometimes from all that we do. And I believe God does not have a problem when we take that break, rather He has ordained it. My husband and I are in the ministry and have been since we got married. Over time, we have learned that there are times we have to say no for the sake of our family and for the sake of us being able to have an opportunity to be refreshed. The idea of "bucking up" and continuing to wear yourself out is NOT spiritually healthy. There are times where we need to be refreshed. Sometimes that comes in the form of getting away by ourselves for a bit and sometimes it comes in the form of spending some time with friends. These times are crucial for being refreshed and not wearing out. We are human and God knows it. He designed us and He designed us to rest when we need it.

HELEN O 06/29/2011 08:37:02

This was a great devotion today! I am always thankful for what God has given me, but it did remind me to say it out loud more often. Theses days we are always far to busy to stop and say thank you. I going to put it in my daily routine.

ANGELA C 06/29/2011 11:09:38

Wow! I find myself in the midst of a divine moment here reading these posts. I'm hearing the Lord speak to me..... encouraging me again, where others have discouraged me (and I have discouraged myself at times) from continuing to homeschool my children. As Christian Moms, we are definitely obligated to raise up a godly generation in the midst of this increasingly dark world we live in. And saying that, I'm not intending any negativity toward the Moms who HAVE to work -- the Lord's Grace is there to meet that. But yes, at the same time, we do have to make rest and quiet times for ourselves, a priority as well. There's no selfishness in that at all. Those are times of refreshing where the Lord can minister to us, speak to us, and direct us, and what HE pours into us can go right back out to our families. "Come all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest." "And the Lord God saw all that he had made, and it was good, and He rested..." We don't want to get so caught up in serving and duty and "obligation", that we take on the "Martha Spirit" as I call it, and we begin to miss the things that are REALLY important, i.e., sitting at the feet of the Lord and being refreshed. Martha, in her moment, was all about doing it up and making sure everything was just perfect -- the Lord was saying to her "No Martha, that's not necessary -- a little goes a long way.... simplicity over extravagence...paper plates over dishes..... sub sandwiches over pot roast.....there's a time and season for everything.... right now you need to let go of what you think is important and come and be with me." Sometimes we just need to let the messes be the messes, sometimes we need to forget the schedule and be spontaneous, sometimes we need to step away from what we deem important and just sit at the Lord's feet and let HIM tell us what's truly important.... let him instruct us.....and even moreso let Him LOVE on us. We as Mamas and wives really need that. We can get love from our children, we can get love from our spouses or family, but there's none that compares to the Loving of the Lord. And when we are able to partake of that Living Water on a regular basis, then the frustrations of life become smaller, homeschooling becomes less stressful, taking on the tasks of the day becomes easier, and everything in life just comes with a little more joy. And when we as Moms have more joy, our families and households have more joy. God is good!

KITTY B 06/29/2011 15:45:38

As I read this devotional, I realized how much it pertained to me. I am so thankful for the Scripture verses given and I will be utilizing them often to help me remember the things of greater importance. Bless You Father for Your Word which is alive and will bring life to all who reads it!

STELLA JANE D 06/30/2011 02:45:47

Thank you for such an encouragement. It's easy to get caught up wt being busy and subsequently pitying yourself. The devotion was a reminder to me to be thankful in all situation and all I do is service to Him, our Lord and Saviour.

PATTI C 06/30/2011 09:26:24

Mom to five young ones and caregiver to a forgetful mom. I'm fried. We got behind this past year as my parents moved in and my dad passed away mid-year. This article came exactly when I needed it. I feel the Lord saying as I was in a panic about our schooling, changing curric., etc.... that this too shall pass. I depend on Him to guide our curriculum choices, yet the choices, greener out there mind-set was flooding my mind. Here were are staying whith what He led us to and tweeking it. Thanking my Lord for His faithfulness when I am not. Your devotion is so timely and so precious to a tired mom's heart. Bless you and thank you soooo much!

JAMIE S 06/29/2012 07:04:03

Great reminder not to complain, bloom where we are planted, and be thankful for the many blessings the Lord provides! As a SAHM its not always easy, its not always fun, its a lot of repetative tasks sometimes, and with the culture around us screaming focus on me, me, me--its hard not to get caught up sometimes and compare our lives to the lives of others. I'm thankful that the Lord had me read Do Hard Things with my teenage daughter for our devotion time--the Lord convicted my daughter in some areas, but He also convicted me. Motherhood is a choice, never a burden, a blessing, and never a curse.

KATHY S 06/29/2012 08:37:15

I hope I don't complain about being a Mom, because it is the biggest JOY in my life!

Homeschooling has been a little challenging in the Math area, but it's our first year, so, it will get easier. I am Thankful that I am able to Homeschool, it makes my son and I both very happy.

I'm sure at some point, I've complained, and this Devotional is a reminder to ask God for forgiveness for those times.

As one of the ladies here said, "I've had my whole life to do what I wanted to do". That may not be exact word for word, but I understood the meaning.

I often tell my son that before he came into my life, I was just lost and never really happy. And it's true.

I had a really good job, spotless house, and eveything I could want, but I wasn't happy.

I accepted Jesus completley when I was first pregnant, and He filled me with his love, then my sweet child gave me all his love when he came to be.

I am sorry Jesus if I have complained at all about anything related to Motherhood or teaching, you know that in my Heart, my son is just the best gift ever, and I would be so empty and incomplete without him.

So Thank you Jesus, for my precious son, for helping me be able to homeschool him, and for the gift of my life, may you allow that gift to continue.

so I can continue doing the work I was put here to do raising my son.


LADALE J 06/29/2012 22:49:04

To Carin M.: I too have a child with Down Syndrome. He is 10 yrs old and still a tremendous joy in my life. Homeschooling a special needs child, it is all too easy to fall into the pit of self pity (I can personally attest to that), but then I remember the sacrifice our Lord made for me and everything I do pales in comparison.

However, He did create us with a need for rest and refreshment, and it\'s ok to be who He made us to be. It may not be a lounging day with no interruptions, but if asked, he will supply the rest we need. After all, who better to provide just what we need, but the One who knows us down to the very number of hairs on our heads?

PAMELA REITENBACH 07/01/2013 13:08:12

I've been fretting because I need to be continuing math and reading with my daughter through the summer at the advice of our educational consultant. We have taken 2 trips to see our two grown out-of-state children and our grandchildren, and we just finished up VBS. So, very little schooling was done in June. But, I can see that the break this month has helped my daughter's attitude tremendously. She was to the point where she despised anything to do with school because usually something would end up in frustration. And I am certainly not going to complain about visiting children and grandchildren I only see a few times a year. So, at the opposite end of the spectrum, it holds true as well....."To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

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