Quiet Testimonies

"And be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear" (1 Peter 3:15b).

Homeschoolers have different ways of promoting the joys of homeschooling. Some share homeschooling's rewards on a grand scale, while others promote them by a quiet, willing testimony. When asked why we homeschooled, I offered explanations that included our belief in Deuteronomy 6:5-7 and the example of our everyday homeschooling experience. Those people truly interested would respond, "Boy, that's great! I wish I was able to do that!" Even my children's friends responded to a quiet testimony in a positive way. After coming over to play, they would leave saying, "I wish my parents would homeschool me!" The benefits of homeschooling were easily revealed as they heard and saw homeschooling for what it was — a better way to learn.

Although the Bible gives examples of great leaders whose witness changed the lives of thousands, it also shares stories of men and women whose testimonies only affected a few. Andrew brought his brother Peter to Jesus, Philip told the Ethiopian ruler how to be saved, and Ruth's faithful actions to her mother-in-law, Naomi, were a witness in themselves. Impacting the lives of just a few, their quiet testimonies had far-reaching effects that accomplished great things for God.

What about you? Do you ever feel your witness is insignificant? Don't doubt the power of your quiet testimony to make a difference in the lives of others. Although you may never be a talented speaker on a stage, your faithful words of love and encouragement can be the tool God uses to win a lost soul to Christ!

Father, thank You for every opportunity I have to tell others of Your amazing love. Use me today to encourage both my own family and others. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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KIMBERLEY H 05/12/2009 05:56:30

Thank you so much for these devotionals! There are such a blessing to me. This devotional (Quiet Testimonies) has shown me how I can help the children in my home and neighborhood. It has really blessed my heart. Again, thanks!

SHARON W 05/13/2011 05:16:46

While I thought this devotional was good for the most part, I object to the description of homeschooling as "a better way to learn." I am an advocate of homeschooling and hope to homeschool my son (he is 2 years old currently), but I am aware that the call to homeschool -- and I do believe it is just that, a "calling" -- is not given to everyone. So, for some children, homeschooling is a better way to learn; for other children, conventional schooling is a better way to learn. Homeschoolers cry out against the discrimination and criticism they receive from non-homeschoolers. Please recognize when that same arrogance is projected back outward, from the homeschoolers toward non-homeschoolers. God bless.

SUSAN W 05/13/2011 05:58:12

Thanks so much, I needed this. You hear about all these homeschooled kids that go to college and do all these wonderful things. Don't get me wrong, I think that is great, but my child is just normal and most times those stories make me feel like a failure as a homeschool teacher. I want my daughter taught the ways of God and not the ways of the world. I also want her to know the truth about our Christian heritage, which seems to be missing from the secular schoolbooks these days. I am only responsible for my child.

RYAN E 05/13/2011 06:26:20

@Sharon - Thanks so much for your thoughts. You bring up a great point that should be taken into consideration. We appreciate your feedback!

JESSICA G 05/13/2011 07:50:45

Susan, It is great that you want to raise Your daughter for God: JESUS!! And I find what you said good for me to hear. Because I must give an account for letting my light so shine I'd like to recommend you watch a You tube: The Fuel Project: Know Your Enemy, it may shed some light on just how not Christian America began and is. It is a 76 video series with maybe more to come. Each clip is short, but it shows us the evil, the enemies of God Satan and the reprobate, wielding their power throughout history almost always in the powers that be. It is a history lesson in itself, better than most others because it shows evil for what it is EVIL. We so often dwell in the past, which is dangerous because there is a war right in front of us. This You tube I believe will help you fight the war!! Jessie G

JESSICA G 05/13/2011 07:58:44

Susan, I also wanted to say I know how you feel about the pressure to raise my child to be the smartest and not a lover of Jesus. That's why I know I want to love Jesus, so I can love my daughter!

AMY G 05/13/2011 13:14:06

I live in Argentina where homeschooling, obviously, is not common and most people falsely believe it is actually illegal. We receive verbal and non-verbal persecution for not only being homeschoolers, but for being Christians as well. However, once people get to know my children, see how they behave, and hear their proficiency in two languages, they decide that homeschooling may not be such a bad idea. If your children's testimony and your family life are not living testimonies, you will never be able to convince others that the Bible has the answers. "Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right" (Prov. 20:11).

HEATHER B 05/14/2011 07:32:57

I really needed to read this one. Most days I feel like what we are doing isn't making a difference to anyone, yet I need to remember that I'm teaching my children not for gratification from the world but to honor God! If that is my focus then the world will see and take notice. Thanks for your message of encouragement.

JENNIFER B 05/13/2012 03:38:06

Matthew 6:15 and Psalm 19:14 should be our prayers.

KATHY S 05/13/2012 08:14:29

Amy G. - My heart goes out to you. I pray that Jesus will stay with you and your family and your homeschooling will not be interuptded in any way. Here in America, we have the Freedom to Homeschool. But, for how Long? Anyone noticed the "changes" going on in America in the last few years? Even in the HSLDA newsletters, someones always trying to disrupt our homeschooling rights. I only started last November. I'd like to keep homeschooling until College starts. I Love My Country and always will, and I pray that there is not a day in our future where someone takes away my right, my privelige, to Homeschool my son. Yes, I may complain about being tired once in a while, and for that I ask God for forgiveness. The Horror that rushes through my mind when I think of our Government saying "you must put your innocent child back into our horrific Public School system" makes me cringe.(At least where I live it's Horrific) Sharon W.- I am not saying any of this to disrespect you in any way.Whether you Homeschool or not is none of my business.I'm sure you arre a nice lady. In our own personal situation here, I can't bear the thought of sending my gentle spirited, loving, innocent, son, back into the "Den of Lions" to be spit at, bitten, hit, and abused by other children, because he's not like them, and to have the school staff ignore it to save their own butt's. If you have ever had you child get in your car when picking them up from "traditional school", and completely "EXPLODE", being unable to even tell you for the first 10 minutes what even happened, just that they will never return to school again, and when you finally look at their face and see that some other "ill behaved" child decided to punch your child in the HEAD, just for kicks, your heart sinks, you feel helpless, and everything you try and do to comfort them doesn't work. At that point is when I realized that I had to get info and find a way to Homeschool. Something I thought I'd never do, not because I thought it was strange, but because I didn't think I was smart enough, It was the best decision I EVER made. My son now has some form of Peace. Thank you Jesus that we still have the Freedom to Homeschool. Amen.

TRISTA J 05/28/2012 23:39:49

I love today\'s message.

Phyllis Cook 05/13/2014 20:15:50

Thanks so much for these daily focus emails, they seem to be right on target for my life. May God bless and keep you.

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