Real Homeschoolers Give Advice on How They Teach Spelling

One of the best aspects of homeschooling is the community and the ability to ask fellow homeschoolers for tips, suggestions, and direction. When it comes to homeschooling, there is no greater advice than advice from someone who has been in your shoes.

AOP's official Facebook page offers a platform to engage in dialogue and help each other grow and develop as homeschool families. Check out the advice offered by our followers for how they teach their children spelling.

Victoria de Charmoy Try using alphabet rubber stamps, magnetic letters, spelling sheets, and reviewing them while driving or cooking. Sometimes I write sentences misspelling some of the words and tell them they are the teacher and need to correct this student’s paper.

Heather Romans Turci We play games like Scrabble Junior and Quiddler. It makes it fun and takes away the stress!

Lori Bryant We copy words on Monday, spell them to me on Wednesday, and Friday I give them an oral test. Plus, we do the spelling activities in the book.

Hailey Stewart We write the words 3 times each on Monday, do the activities in a book Tuesday and Wednesday, and do a practice test Thursday. He has to write any missed words 5 times. Then, we do a test Friday.

Jenna Wynsma I find the spelling words for that week before we actually get to that page and write them in a notebook. Then, my 4th grader re-writes them every day in a notebook and we do a spelling test on Thursday.

Tara Alvarez My 2nd grader likes writing his on the dry erase board, so he writes them 4 times each daily on his dry erase board.

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