Enrich Homeschool Lessons with One-semester Electives!

Looking for enriching, one-semester electives to add to your homeschool child's lessons? Then, take a look at these exciting, Christian-based courses from Alpha Omega Publications! Available in the computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse® or the worktext-based LIFEPAC® curriculum, these electives are the perfect addition to supplement your child's learning:

SOS Elementary Spanish
¿Hablas español? Teach your child how to read and write Spanish to succeed in today's multicultural world using computer-based, adventure-themed lessons in this colorful, five-unit elective for grades 3-6. The course includes songs, games, and puzzles to make learning fun!

SOS Civics
Today's students are tomorrow's voting citizens, so inform your child about citizenship responsibility and American government with this in-depth, computer-based elective for grades 7-12. The course covers important topics like state and local government, worldwide politics, economics, and more.

SOS State History
Available for all 50 states, this fun, supplemental elective is perfect if you need to fill history credits required by your state's homeschooling laws or if you want your student to learn about your state's history. Each computer-based course includes an introduction to the state, as well as its history, culture, government, economy, and citizenship. Each state history course is sold separately.

LIFEPAC Drawing Basics®
Bring out the artist in your child! Perfect for beginners, this hands-on art elective for grades 3-8 features instruction with famous artist Thomas Kinkade! This popular, best-selling course comes with a DVD tutorial, five follow-along worktexts, and a teacher's guide. The course covers essential topics like lines, shapes, space, and texture.

LIFEPAC High School Health
Looking for a high school-level health elective to meet college entrance or graduation requirements? Then, you need this fun and practical elective for grades 8-12. Complete with five full-color worktexts and a teacher's guide, the course covers diverse health topics like proper eating habits, personal hygiene, home safety, and accountable Christian living.

One-semester Electives Include:
SOS American Literature
SOS British Literature
SOS Civics
SOS The Civil War
SOS College Planner
SOS Elementary French
SOS Elementary Spanish
SOS Health Quest
SOS High School Health
SOS Speech: Essentials of Communication
SOS State History
SOS Trigonometry
SOS Vietnam Era
LIFEPAC American Literature
LIFEPAC British Literature
LIFEPAC Computer Literacy
LIFEPAC Drawing Basics
LIFEPAC Health Quest
LIFEPAC High School Health
LIFEPAC Speech: Essentials of Communication

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