Find Encouragement with the Daily Focus Devotional Book!

What are you doing to prepare for next year's homeschooling? Curriculum isn't the only resource you'll need. When teaching leaves you feeling tired and unable to cope, find encouragement and inspiration for a successful homeschooling year with the popular Daily Focus® devotional book from Alpha Omega Publications®.

Filled with 365 real-life homeschooling stories that relate to God's Word, the Daily Focus will rekindle the joys of homeschooling and refresh your faith in God. Just read how this best-selling, Christian devotional changed the lives of these homeschooling parents:

"I am enjoying your daily devotionals so much! I looked for quite a while for a homeschool-based devotional, and I was so happy to discover yours. I have been really blessed by it. Thank you!"
- Amy B.

"I love reading these devotionals daily! My husband and I were unsure if we should homeschool or not. By reading these daily, I now believe this is what we are supposed to do."
- Laurie P.

"It seems that the first chance I get to read these devotionals is in the evening after dinner, but I must say that each one of them has a special meaning for me for the challenges of the day. Every one of them has touched my heart and my life and lifted me when I needed it most. Thank you for keeping me focused!"
- Joy M.

"I can't tell you what a true blessing these daily devotionals have been in my life as a homeschooling mom and as a woman and a child of God. Thanks for taking so much time and effort to put these together!"
- Michelle W.

"I wanted to share how encouraging these daily devotionals are. I haven't even begun homeschooling, but I'm already comforted by the practical advice and especially your emphasis on God's precious Word. Thank you!"
- Janet M.

Internet link feature!
Encourage and be encouraged! Each heartfelt devotional now includes Internet links to allow homeschooling parents to share their own thoughts and feelings about each story directly on AOP's blog.

Want to get inspired? Here's how:
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