Customize Learning with Switched-On Schoolhouse!

Switched-On Schoolhouse® 2010 Edition is here! With great features for both parents and children, SOS offers five core subjects and over 35 electives that present solid academic content for grades 3-12. Enriching multimedia and time-saving teaching tools make homeschooling more fun and easier than ever. Upgrade your curriculum to SOS 2010 today!

Schedule subjects by day.

Want to assign your child math only on Mondays and Tuesdays? No problem! With this new and flexible feature, you can easily assign courses to a select day of the week.

Discover your inner writer.
The SOS journal has a fresh, new look to engage students in their writing. Encourage journaling and improve writing skills at the same time!

Enjoy automatic updates.
No more worries about downloading the latest content updates! Saving you time and money, course revisions are automatically downloaded via AOP's server for SOS users with an Internet connection. (Non-Internet users may request a CD containing revisions).

Add your personal touch.
Make SOS your own. You can pick from even more MiSOS homepage themes and add your favorite colors, personal photos, "Word and Bible Verse of the Day" applications, icon arrangements, RSS feeds, and more!

Name the game.
Stunning animations and full-color graphics make learning fun. Interactive, educational games in SOS like All Right, Farmer Frank, Spelling Bee, and Quiz Bowl make reviewing lesson concepts a blast!

Listen and learn.
Have an auditory learner or a child who struggles with reading long passages? With the voice automated text-to-speech feature, students can highlight complex words or passages and have the text read out loud from a variety of voices.

Keep tabs on your day.
Want to easily see what your child has completed for the day? Get day-to-day progress reports with the SOS Daily Work Report. In addition to time-saving features like automatic grading and lesson planning, the Daily Work Report allows you to quickly view your child's academic performance for each day!

What others are saying:
"Switching to SOS made a world of difference with my children. We stay on schedule, and I am assured they are getting a well-rounded education. I have control over their schedule, yet it is the curriculum that tells them what they have to accomplish. Thanks also for making it easier to homeschool several grades!"
- Keith S., Tennessee

See Switched-On Schoolhouse in action.
Need more information? Discover just how easy it is to homeschool with SOS! Take a personal tour with our SOS On-Demand Presentations. Pick a grade, select a subject, and click the "view" link to watch a short movie clip.

Want to get started with SOS?
To purchase any SOS 5-subject set, individual subject, or SOS elective, simply call Alpha Omega Publications® at 800-622-3070 or shop online today!

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