Security Blankets

“For thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:8b).

What makes you feel safe? Is it a clean bill of health from the doctor, a well-stocked pantry in the kitchen, or a large balance in your checking account? We all have things that make us feel protected, but life can throw you a curve. In just a moment, everything can change.

Homeschooling in the early 1980s was a challenging experience. When our family chose to venture into this unconventional form of education, we faced many adversaries. Accusing us of truancy and threatening to take our children away, our local public school superintendent was our worst enemy. Foolishly, we had thought we were safe to teach our children at home because so many hard-fought homeschooling laws had been passed. However, since the language in these laws was unclear, we found ourselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place. We were forced to our knees in prayer.

In the midst of the turmoil, God reminded us He was our security blanket. As Moses was allowed to see the glory of God pass by in the cleft of the rock (Exodus 33:21-22), God proved Himself mighty and showed us His glory by providing a way to homeschool. One of two schools registered in our state to have homeschool satellite programs accepted our children into their program. This provision was our Red Sea experience and the beginning of a journey to the Promised Land of four successfully educated children.

What about you? Are you facing a personal challenge in your life that seems insurmountable—a lack of money, a broken relationship, or a wayward child? Are there voices and circumstances surrounding you that are causing you to fear? God is your refuge! Run to Him and be safe. “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe” (Proverbs 18:10).

Father, I’m scared. I don’t know how this problem is going to be resolved. Please, keep me safe and wrap Your loving arms around me. Show me Your deliverance and give me the faith to trust in You for the answer. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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LINDA J 08/16/2008 01:56:33

Thank you for your wordsof wisdom

Jennifer J 08/16/2010 00:02:11

We are not to have a heart of fear. Get the teaching done don't put it off and you have nothing to fear. Get you're HSLDA membership and if questioned call HSLDA and let those "authorities" talk to HSLDA. God does not give us a heart of fear.

KATHY L 08/15/2011 03:28:51

Thank you for reminding us how blessed we are to have God to turn to at all times.

RHONDA W 08/15/2011 06:41:23

Thank you, I truly needed to hear this today. I pray that God answers my prayers so that I can return to sleeping through the night.

VANESSA W 08/15/2011 08:13:31

I have a unique situation in that I am very good friends with the staff at a small private school. I've had my kids there for a year and it's a good school. I'm STILL on the school board but have decided Home School is best for our family. My friends were disappointed and will miss us but we will still see them at church. I am thankful, however That Alaska is very laxed when it comes to homeschooling. You can choose to get help from the state to buy homeschool necessities or you can choose to go it alone. There's no required testing unless you accept state funds for homeschooling. The beauty of it is the state Funds that are offered to those who homeschool full time or part time in addition to a private school are NOT welfare. It's part of the tax money that the state gets for each child in public schools when each child signs up.there's no "double dipping" so kids in public school can't get these funds. We are so thankful that Alaska is so easy to work with. It's very freeing. The hard part for me is just saying "no" to friends and hoping they understand our choice is not personal

A W 08/16/2011 18:50:46

It seems that every day I receive a devotional from AOP, it\'s just what I needed. I\'m homeschooling in WV and the state is planning a new statewide policy regarding homeschooling. WV is moderately regulated as it is. This is my first year and it\'s exciting and scary at the same time. I\'m appreciative for all of the encouragement that AOP and the ladies who comment on these devotionals have provided. Thank you.

AMY J 08/15/2012 06:58:27

Just what I needed this morning. We have three boys and are entering our 6th year of homeschooling. Thankfully in Texas we don\'t have any battles to face, or so we thought. My oldest (15) i s entering HS this fall and plays baseball. He is (as well me and his dad) are hoping to get a scholarship to play ball in college. It appears NCAA may be our giant. I have found myself fearful this week as I make decisions about curriculum and home schooling in general. I needed this reminder that God does not give us a spirit of fear AND he is in control!! Thx

ILONA T 08/15/2012 07:02:29

Thank you. God is always so good to remind us (me) of His power and love and control!

KATHY S 08/15/2012 07:10:59

Just trying to imagine your homeschooling journey 32 years ago is overwhelming.

Alot of credit to the Author for your persistance. The School Superintendant was your worst enemy because he saw the $$$$ he would be losing from the Government for each one of your children. And that is just so sad.

Even our Public Schools today, as \"Overcrowded\" as they are, you think they would be happy to unload a few kids on their parents for homeschooling, but the $$$$$ must flash through their heads, as they still like to put up a good fight over it.

I lost a dear friend of 8 years, a Christian woman who worked at the school district office. When all the battling started over my son and the abuse at the school, the private teacher they had to provide, and finally my taking over and homeschooling, she quit returning phone calls, and has for a year now, just pretended like we don\'t exist.

Which I don\'t understand as I never mentioned her name in the process.

Anyway, if I had to lose all my friends to bring my son to saftey by homeschooling, so be it.

My son is most important.

A Big \"Thank you\" to the Author for \"Paving\" the way for the rest of us to. Your strength and stories are inspiring! God is, and always will be our \"Security Blanket\".

TABITHA J 08/15/2012 21:20:04

Amy J,

Most college teams do have walk-on tryouts, so that is something that your son could check up on if he does not get a scholarship.

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