Discover America's Past with AOP's Best-selling History Resources

Want to change the course of history in your homeschool? Then, take your child back in time and stir his imagination with eye-opening, supplemental history resources from Alpha Omega Publications. Make learning about the past a blast with these information-packed history products:

American Kids in History Series
Has your child ever churned butter, written with a quill, or made soda pop? With the American Kids in History Series for ages 8-12, he'll discover exciting, hands-on activities like these and more, as he learns about different time periods in America's history. This seven-book series includes fun-filled projects, games, and recipes that are sure to awaken your child's love of history, as he reads stories and relives the daily experiences of boys and girls of the past.

American Adventures Series
Stir your child's imagination with amazing, true stories of figures and events that shaped America's history from 1770 to the present. Written in a storytelling format, each fact-filled book in this three-book series for grades 5 and up contains 15 easy-to-read stories that include historical timelines and "What Else Was Happening?" summaries, as well as discussion and research activities to take your child on a historical learning adventure!

The U.S. Government
Teach the inner workings of American government and our role as citizens with this must-have history resource for grades 6-12. Twenty-four, fact-finding lessons challenge children to delve into encyclopedias for information in order to complete crossword puzzles, fill-in-the-blank questions, and matching tests on the United States' justice system, legislature, elective process, military, and more!

Faith of Our Fathers DVD
Enrich your homeschool studies with this modern, 60-minute documentary that explores America's wall of separation between church and state. Introduced by Newt Gingrich, this thought-provoking DVD includes interviews with leading scholars to answer difficult questions, such as "What were our founding fathers thinking when they wrote the First Amendment, should religion be allowed to influence government, or should the two remain entirely separate?"

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