Should Homeschoolers Play Sports at Public Schools?

Should Homeschoolers Play Sports at Public Schools?

Homeschoolers in Kentucky may be able to cheer on their children on the fields and courts of their local public schools next year.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, State Rep. Stan Lee recently pre-filed a bill for the 2015 legislative session that would allow homeschool students to try out for middle and high school-based sports teams. Lee’s bill would also permit students at private schools that don’t offer athletics to participate.

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) has resisted similar bills in the past but isn't opposed to Lee’s proposal so far. Officials simply want to make sure that any change to the law would be “competitively fair” for all students.

A homeschool dad, Lee pointed out that parents of homeschooled children and public school children all pay the same taxes.

While state laws concerning participation of homeschool students in public school activities vary by state, some states have recently adopted Tim Tebow Bills, which grant homeschool students the right to try out for band, football, music, theater, and more at the public school within their district of residence. A former NFL quarterback, Tebow is currently an SEC Network analyst and Good Morning America contributor who continues to advocate for athletic equality for homeschoolers.

What do you think? Should homeschoolers play sports at public schools?

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S. DAWN CASEY 01/12/2015 14:07:54

No, no, No, NO NO!!! I am angry at the people championing the Tebow Bill!! It's coming up again here in Texas too. What happens is that suddenly, homeschoolers HAVE to be held to the same standards as public school kids--the other parents practically riot about it because otherwise "it's not FAIR!!"-- and then there goes all our freedoms! Testing gets required. Curriculum has to be approved. Suddenly attendance is mandated too. All because some parent wants little Johnny to play football!

There's Homeschool leagues all over, but no, they want Johnny on the school team so he can win scholarships or be seen by recruiters and maybe be a millionaire and play on TV. Or so little Sally can go to choir and maybe be discovered and be famous on TV.

There are numerous homeschool groups that are very professionally run, for both sports and music (choir or band and orchestra). The issue is that you'd have to pay for it. You'd have to drive them to it. And then you'd have to be in charge of something. Many complain they are paying taxes that support the school and therefore want to use it. IF YOU WANT YOUR KID IN SPORTS OR MUSIC AT THE PUBLIC SCHOOL, THEN PLEASE ENROLL THEM. Don't ruin my homeschooling journey because of *your* choices.

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