Simple Savory Stuffing

Simple Savory Stuffing

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but there’s no need to worry. Even the busiest homeschooling family has time to make the perfect meal with this turkey stuffing recipe. Simple and easy to make, this Thanksgiving recipe is sure to give your family a mouthwatering memory that makes them say, “M-m-m, this was the best Thanksgiving ever!”

Step One:
¾ loaf wheat bread (12–14 slices)
½ loaf white bread (8–10 slices)

Skip stale, store-bought bread crumbs; your turkey stuffing will taste 100% better if make your own and start with fresh bread. Two or three days before your Thanksgiving meal, dry out your bread by tearing slices into 1-1½" pieces. (Young children will love helping with this part of the preparations.) Place pieces in a large, uncovered bowl and set aside until Thanksgiving morning. Stir and fluff bread crumbs once or twice a day.

Step Two:
2–3 large, skinless chicken breasts

Thanksgiving morning, boil chicken breasts in 2–3 quarts of water for 35–40 minutes or until meat is tender and pulls away from the bone. Remove breasts from broth. When cool, bone chicken and chop fine or grind in meat grinder. Add chicken to bread crumbs.

Step Three:
Drain the broth from the chicken breasts through a strainer to remove any bones. Add the following spices to the drained broth and blend well:

1 tsp. celery salt
¾ tsp. pepper
1 tbsp. parsley (fresh is better)
⅛ tsp. thyme
3–4 chicken bouillon cubes or 3 tsp. chicken flavored granules
1–2 tsp. sage (cut down amount if fresh)

Set broth/seasoning mixture aside.

Step Four:
1 medium onion
4 stalks celery
2 tsp. margarine or butter

Have older children peel and chop onion and celery into small pieces. (Turn your cooking time into teaching time with The Science Chef and answer the tasty mystery, why do onions make you cry?) Sauté onion and celery in butter for 3–5 minutes or until slightly tender. Add to bread crumb mixture.

Step Five:
Pour chicken broth and seasoning mixture slowly over bread crumbs. Mix well. Stuffing should be very moist and slightly sticky in consistency. If not, add a 12 oz. can of chicken broth.

Stuffing Your Turkey:
After removing any prepackaged pieces, wash your turkey completely – inside and out, and drain. Lightly salt the inside cavity and then stuff loosely with above stuffing mixture. Your kids will love getting their hands in on this action. Lace the cavity closed with skewers and string and tie legs together so they do not burn when touching the sides of your roaster. Cook immediately; follow cooking times and temperatures on turkey packaging. Recipe will stuff a 12–14 pound turkey.

If you prefer not to stuff the bird, place turkey stuffing in a well-greased 2-3 quart casserole dish and bake covered for 50–60 minutes. Remove cover the last 5–10 minutes of cooking time.

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