Spread the Love of Christ

We are reminded of God’s calling on our lives as Christians to love one another as Christ loves us and as we love ourselves. Help your child grow in their ability to spread the love of Christ through our free download for families of all shapes and sizes.

1.) Create a conversation around what the Bible says about love
2.) Explore how your child gives and receives love
3.) Create loving activities for the family based on your discussion


Factors that Hinder Loving Expression

The challenge for most homeschooling and at-home learning parents is finding practical ways of meeting a child’s specific need for love. Lesson preparations, daily chores, and outside activities have a way of taxing physical and emotional resources, leaving us feeling tired, overwhelmed, and insensitive to opportunities to express love to those around us, especially children.

In addition, as children, we may have grown up never seeing appropriate, heartfelt love displayed. With no loving parenting role model to draw upon, we may find it difficult to express love in certain ways which we never received ourselves.

Regardless of what you face in your life, God’s will for us is to love (1 John 4:11). Just as Jesus took the time to be intimate and meet people right where they were in life, parents have been commissioned with an awesome responsibility and need to make a serious study of meeting their child’s need for love.

Embrace Learning and Exploring Loving Expressions 

Take the time to create conversation, explore how your child experiences love and be willing to create meaningful moments and activities for your family based around your learnings. Avoid assuming that because you homeschool that your child experiences this as a loving expression. Just as children learn academics in a variety of ways, they also feel love from their parents, family members, peers and others differently. If you want your child to remember their homeschooling days as ones filled with love, you need to monitor their hearts through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We encourage you to apply large amounts of God’s agape love, and communicate in the ways your child experiences love most!

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