Spring Cleaning

"Ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out" (Numbers 32:23b).

Spring was here, and my children were wrapping up their schoolwork for the year one subject at a time. With fewer hours spent homeschooling, new projects were needed to direct my children's energy elsewhere. Since we had several dilapidated buildings on our farm that were shedding siding, shingles, nails, and small pieces of glass, I decided to "hire" my children to clean the mess. Giving them each a small bucket, I informed them that they could receive one cent for every nail and piece of glass they collected. Excited to earn their own money, they all agreed to do this new job.

Taking their new employment seriously, they reported to me daily with bucket in hand. Dumping the contents, I painstakingly counted each item and paid them accordingly. However, as the days went on, the contents of their buckets grew smaller as they became distracted by playing games and riding their bikes. Not expecting much in my son's bucket, I was surprised the next day when he came to be paid. His bucket was almost full with broken pieces of glass, and he was expecting to make a lot of money. Smiling he said, "Let's count these right now, Mom!"

"OK honey," I replied. As we dumped the entire contents, I noticed something odd about the glass. Like the pieces of a puzzle, the edges all seemed to match one another. Suspiciously, I looked at my ten-year-old son and said, "Did you break a larger piece of glass into smaller pieces to earn more money?" Shocked that I had discovered his scheme, he looked at me and quietly admitted the truth. Inside, I laughed at his ingenuity, but outwardly we discussed the reasons why he wasn't getting paid that day.

As Christians, Satan tempts us into thinking there will be no repercussions for deceitfulness. When we fail to tell the store clerk that she's given the wrong change, use an outdated coupon, or try to return merchandise we've damaged saying it was a manufacturing flaw, God knows the truth. Like Achan in Joshua 7, your sin will find you out, and God will reveal the truth. What about you? Is there some spring cleaning the Holy Spirit needs to do in your life?

Father, forgive me for those sins I excuse as little white lies. Help me to say "no" to Satan's foolish temptations to get ahead and deal honestly with others and You. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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ELIZABETH J 05/18/2010 00:25:13


STACEY S 05/18/2010 11:17:06

It amazes me when the cashier gives you a questionable look and it's like they can't believe that you're being honest with the wrong amount of change or when you ask if that item was rung up....

MAYA T 05/18/2011 09:02:58

You know, I feel like that right now. I subscribe to these emails, yet I don't home school. I want to, but I don't. I am being faced with the fact that my son wants to be home schooled, my husband doesn't want him to and I feel like I am making excuses in front of God like I just stole something. I feel like I just broke glass and am stealing. I don't have any rest in my spirit at all. I am in need of peace right now.

BETH B 05/18/2011 14:24:46

Maya T, May I suggest you make a list as to why you feel called to home school and present this to your husband. Also, attending any large h.s. function is an eye-opener to a non-h.s believer. If you know of any other families that home-school try to hook up with them to glean advice and fellowship. There are growing numbers of co-ops and educational opportunities for the home-schooling family. It truly is an amazing bonding experience for you and your child. The thing is....if you are a parent, you already home-school!! I will be praying for you and your family.

KRISTI P 05/18/2011 21:50:31

My daughter was given to much change about a month ago. We were in the car already 5 or 6 blocks away when she asked if we could go back. I asked her why and she told me that she recounted her money and she thought the clerk gave her to much back. I asked if she was sure and she didn't know. So I told her it was up to her if we went back. It took her another block and she asked me to turn around. She said that even if she was counting wrong it was better to give back what she thought was not her's then to keep it. She went back into the store and gave the clerk the money telling her that she gave her to much change back. The man the clerk was in awe of what was going on. My daughter gave back 52 cents. Most kids would have said nothing and I probly spent more in gas turning around and driving back, but for this amazing moment it was worth it. Homeschooled children have a better education then most public schooled kids in honesty and character building. Blessings, Kristi

LENELLA M 05/18/2012 03:44:29

Maya T, As women God created us as nurturers. Therefore we have this ability to see and understand the needs of our children before our husbands do. I am a second round homeschooler, first with my own children, and now with my grandchildren. With my own children, I knew before they ever began public school that I was to homeschool them, but my husband did not see it or agree with me. So year after year my heart broke, because I knew that I was to be homeschooling, and year after year I continued to stay before God in prayer. Finally when my two oldest children were in the fifth grade it seemed like it was a year of problems for us at school. Even though I had four children attending the same school, and they walked back and forth to school every day together, they still became the target of other kids picking on them and causing them trouble. So after a final straw incident, my husband agreed to pull our children out of school so I could homeschool them. The process of waiting 6 years having to deal with all kinds of problems was not pleasant, but the end result of being able to homeschool was worth all that had happened. My children's lives are a testament to the fulfillment of what God has placed in my heart, and my trust and belief in Him that it would happen. I now homeschool my granddaughter. My daughter knew that she needed to homeschool her, but her husband was adamant that it was not going to happen. So my daughter and myself continued to lift the situation up to God, and this past year there were things that happened at school that caused my daughter's husband to have a change of heart. Since her homeschool has begun, my granddaughter's demeanor has changed significantly, and she has returned to being her loving and care giving self. My son-in-law is comfortable with the curriculum that we have chosen, and has seen such a marked improvement in my granddaughter's education. He also now states that there is no way his two year old son is going to go to public school. So along with other advice that has been given to you, I would also say that knowing that you are to homeschool your children, strap on your seat belt and prepare for the ride that you will endure in order for God to work in your husband the desire to allow you to homeschool your children. God is able, and we must always trust and believe in Him. And always give Him the glory for the final results.

MARIAN S 05/18/2012 12:20:34

Amen! So true that we have this ability to see and understand the needs of our children before our husbands do. My daughter did regular brick and mortar public school from K - 6th grade. The schools were rated exemplary, new, and she made all A\'s. However, she was miserable, stressed, and begged me to homeschool her because of all of the junk that went on. We have been doing an online public school at home (K12 - Texas Virtual Academy) for the last 2 years (7th-8th grade). The online public school is not working out for many reasons and we want to do regular homeschool. My husband insists it must be free and accredited; this online public school is, but it caters to failing students and the curriculum is not good (among many other reasons too numerous to mention). It is a charter school and they received an unacceptable rating. I should mention that my daughter also has a very profitable dog sitting business in the neighborhood and goes to advanced ballet classes 5 days per week, so homeschooling would save us a lot of time. (No more time-consuming e-mails and phone calls because so many things (from teachers to technical issues) were not working with the K12 program. So I am praying that during the summer (hopefully sooner) my husband has a change of heart and agrees to regular homeschooling. I have already had a college admissions person leave a message on our phone starting that it is not necessary to be accredited; they are more concerned with SAT, ACT scores, and a few other things. That helped a little, but he still insists it should be free and accredited. Please pray that the best solution is found as she enters high school.

LENELLA M 05/19/2012 03:54:39

You may explain to your husband that nothing is ever free, and that you get what you pay for. At what cost is he willing to sacrifice your daughter\'s education? I have always used Alpha Omega because it suits my needs. I can be as involved or less involved depending upon what is going on in my life. And they offer so much more now then what they did when I home schooled my own children. None of my children finished high school through an accredited program, and yet each of them have attended college. Some were tested by the college, and some were not. Most colleges offer SAT\'s that you can pay the entry fee and let your child participate in the test. Others will test your child themselves and determine if there is any remedial classes they must take before becoming fully enrolled. There is nothing free in life. Everything has a cost. Even our relationship with God is not free. It costs us our life. We must lay down our life, taking up our cross daily. But the end results is worth everything we have to give up, or die out to. Father, I pray that the eyes of Marian\'s husband are open, that he may see the truth of his stinginess vs frugality. Giving him the understanding that there is a cost in everything, and that you will provide the money allowing her to home school her daughter in the way she desires so that she may glorify You. Amen

SANDY MAJORS 05/20/2013 13:09:02

We are about to put the wrap on my first year of homeschooling my son. He is finishing third grade. Nothing is easy or cheap by any means these days...but I am very, very glad that I pulled him out of public school and so is he. There are difficult days doing anything, but for the most part we have had a wonderful and productive year. The flexibility is just unbeatable. The Lord called me to "take him OUT of the world and raise him up unto Him," and so I will do it in Jesus' name! He is already doing fourth grade Math and loves the Alpha and Omega curriculum. We are much happier now and I have NO plans for him to return to public school in the future. My husband wasn't as sure...but is fully on board and even helps with lessons some days. It's been a great year.

Lauren Simpson 05/18/2015 20:10:26

Maya T, We home schooled our 3 boys and are now faced with possibly home schooling our 5 year old grandson. His dad is now a single parent and has full custody and we have been helping him a great deal for the past 3 years. Our grandson is ready for kindergarten and I've been doing some preschool with him this year. Any advice???? Lauren

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