Study Snacks

Study snacks are an important part of the homeschool day. Instead of resorting to the same old crackers, fruits, and veggies, surprise your student with a fun Bible-themed treat. Better yet, give your homeschooler a break from the books and make the snack together. While you enjoy the goodies, take time to read and discuss a Bible story that fits the theme of your new creation!

Bible Cookies

Fig roll
Fruit tape

1. Use a sharp knife to remove one of the closed edges from the fig roll.
2. Unwrap the fruit tape and use a sharp knife to cut out a 1-inch by 1/2-inch rectangle. Then, trim an extra triangle off one end so it resembles a bookmark.
3. Secure the bookmark inside the Bible using the gooey fig filling.
4. Decorate the cover and binding of the Bible with the icing.


Jesus Calms the Storm

½ banana
1 pretzel
1 strawberry
Fish-shaped crackers

1. Peel the half-banana and place it on a plate with the curved edge touching the surface. The banana will serve as the hull of your ship.
2. Stick a pretzel in the center of the banana, facing upwards. The pretzel will serve as the mast.
3. Turn the strawberry upside-down and spear it with the pretzel. The strawberry will serve as the sail.
4. Scatter fish-shaped crackers on the remainder of the plate to represent the fish swimming in the sea.


The Fisherman's Net

Waffle pretzels
Chocolate kisses
Fish-shaped crackers

1. Lay a handful of waffle pretzels flat on an oven or microwave-safe platter.
2. Place a chocolate kiss on top of each waffle pretzel and heat them in the oven or microwave until the chocolate is slightly melted.
3. Press a fish-shaped cracker into the chocolate. Let it stand to cool and harden before serving.


Marshmallow Sheep

White candy coating
Miniature marshmallows
2 flat, oval cookies
4 peanut M & Ms
2 miniature chocolate chips

1. Melt several tablespoons of white candy coating to use as an adhesive.
2. Form the body of your sheep by securing miniature marshmallows to one flat, oval cookie using the adhesive.
3. Attach four hooves (peanut M & Ms) to the base of the body in the same way.
4. Transform two miniature marshmallows into eyes by attaching a miniature chocolate chip to the center of each using a dot of the melted candy coating.
5. The second flat, oval cookie will serve as the animal's head. Attach the eyes to the top third of the cookie using the adhesive.
6. Again, use the adhesive to attach the head of the sheep to the body.
7. Finally, flatten two miniature marshmallows into ears and attach them to the top of the head using the melted candy coating.


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