Summer Science

Although summer brings the allure of sun-filled vacation days from your typical home-schooling year, have you considered using this time to instruct your children in the biology and earth sciences that normally would be taught during the school year? Studying these topics during the dead of winter was always frustrating for my children because they could not experience God’s creation in full bloom.

Summer provides the opportunity to grow gardens, analyze clouds and weather patterns, observe the stars and heavens, and hike through trees and forests to identify and study a myriad of God’s creation – insects, birds, mammals, plants, and rocks. The studies in these areas are enhanced with the ability for the child to touch and see what he is learning.

With a break from the other subject areas, summertime also gives you the ability to take time to do your experiments or to maybe share some science labs with other home- schooling families. Take advantage of the area where you live and incorporate learning experiences that supplement your studies into vacations.

Switched-On Schoolhouse® science and LIFEPAC® science for grades 1 - 6 both provide a standard curriculum format that can be used during these fun days. Although these sources are normally used in a yearly application, you can work through several lessons a day to complete the curriculum within a three month time. Alpha Omega Publications® also provides additional resources such as the Live Butterfly Garden Kit, which allows you to watch caterpillars change into butterflies.

Make this summer into a memorable one for you and your children. Order one of the above curriculums or resources and discover with your children the beauty and wonder of God’s creation while the sun is still shining.

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