Switched-On Schoolhouse 2009 Edition Is Here!

Discover the Switched-On Schoolhouse advantage! Offering over 40,000 multimedia graphics in one amazing homeschool curriculum, Switched-On Schoolhouse® 2009 Edition has great features for both parents and children. Five core subjects and 30 electives provide solid academic content for grades 3-12, while enriching multimedia and time-saving teaching tools make homeschooling more fun and easier than ever!

Give your child a more robust homeschooling experience with these popular 2009 SOS features:

Personalize your learning.
Make SOS your own. Choose a new 2009 MiSOS homepage theme and add your favorite colors, photos, "Word and Bible Verse of the Day" applications, icon arrangements, RSS feeds, and more!

Identify your assignment.
Helpful, new icons in the lesson plan feature now show if an assignment is a lesson, project, quiz, or test.

Play a game.
Beautiful 3-D animation and graphics make learning fun, as your child reviews lesson concepts with All Right, Farmer Frank, Spelling Bee, Quiz Bowl, and other interactive, educational games.

Listen to a lesson.
Voice automated "text-to-speech" allows your remedial reader or audible learner to highlight complex words or passages and have the text read out loud from a variety of voices.

Track your student.
Following your child's day-to-day progress just got easier with the new Daily Work Report. In addition to automatic grading and lesson planning, this report allows you to quickly view your child's academic performance for each day.

What others are saying.
"My daughter just started using SOS, and we both love it. It is so easy to use and does so much of the work I used to do like scheduling, organizing lessons, and grading. My daughter loves the variety of teaching techniques and how easy it is for her to see her lessons and grades. We plan to use SOS all the way through high school."
- Lisa V., Texas

"We had never used a computer curriculum before, and I was a bit nervous, but this has been so easy and user friendly, and my daughter just loves it! She has stayed so consistently enthused about her lessons this year that I find her grabbing her laptop in the evenings and working ahead. I will never use anything else!
- Angela M., Ohio

See Switched-On Schoolhouse in action.
Discover just how easy it is to teach your child with SOS! Let us give you a personal tour with our SOS On-Demand Presentations. Pick a grade, select a subject, and click the "view" link.

Want to get started with SOS? Here's how:
To purchase any 5-subject set, individual subject, or SOS elective, simply call 800-622-3070 or shop online today.

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