Switched-On Schoolhouse Wins 14 Awards

Switched-On Schoolhouse®, a comprehensive, Bible-based curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications®, has recently been awarded 14 Practical Homeschooling Interactive Learning Awards! Based on votes received from readers of Practical Homeschooling® Magazine, the 2010 i-Learn Awards™ recognized Switched-On Schoolhouse with an official seal of excellence in the following categories:

1st Place

High School Curriculum

2nd Place
Elementary Curriculum
Middle School Curriculum

3rd Place
Elementary Science
Trigonometry & Pre-calculus

Honorable Mention

A winner of numerous academic awards, including Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum and The Old Schoolhouse® Excellence in Education Award for Best Computer Curriculum, Switched-On Schoolhouse offers students in grades 3-12 the five core subjects of Bible, history and geography, language arts, science, and math, as well as over 35 electives.

Well known for its technology-infused content, Switched-On Schoolhouse enhances a student's educational experience with animations, video clips, and other engaging multimedia features. In addition, this 21st century curriculum provides homeschool parents with automatic grading, recordkeeping, and lesson planning tools that reduce administrative tasks.

Most importantly, Switched-On Schoolhouse has proven to be a favorite Christian homeschooling curriculum for parents like these:

    "SOS is great! I thoroughly checked out the scope and sequence because I wanted the best for my son. He is now in his last year of high school with SOS, and he is doing great. This past summer, he finished an honors academy at a major university with A's, and he has excellent ACT scores, too! So, thanks SOS!"
    - Louise M., Florida

    "My daughter used to use A Beka. We were doing school from 8 in the morning to 5 at night to finish it. She uses SOS now and loves it! Plus, she only has to work from about 9 a.m. to 1 p.m."
    - Alicia M., Indiana
To learn more features and benefits of the award-winning Switched-On Schoolhouse, call 800-682-7391 or click here.

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Comments(3 comments)

APRIL D 03/04/2010 06:24:23

My son uses SOS for language arts and science. He has become so adept at using the program, and has learned so much that I am very pleased. I'm now considering using SOS for middle school.

MICHELLE E 03/04/2010 20:36:09

This will be our first year with SOS. So far, all we have done are the placement tests (which I recommend to all first-timers). We also did the practice lessons that come on the CD as well and I could not believe the speed in which my daughter was able to complete one lesson. She absolutely loves the computer format and can\'t wait to get started with the regular school part of it. She was very upset to learn that we had come to the end of the placement tests she needed to take and wanted to do more of them that were available. Of course, my favorite part of it is that I no longer have to do any of the lesson planning. Being a full-time student myself, it is sure going to make my life easier. I also like the automatic grading - a wonderful plus!

ELIZABETH J 03/07/2010 16:19:59

I am homeschooling 3 children this year my oldest daughter was kinda getting the short end of my time because it seemed I was constantly doing site words or math flash cards with my pre-K and 2nd graders! I saw that she was losing interest and getting bored so I spoke with my husband and we invested in SOS I can\'t believe, and never would have come close to hoping for the amazing results. She considers school time fun now and it\'s nothing to hear me say \'katy time to wrap it up\'. I have never had to tell her to complete another lesson, and she has never said \'Mom can I take a break after this\'. She is loving the program and I am rejoicing at her renewed interest!!!

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